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How to blog a blog

Over the past 12 and a half months, I’ ve learnt a thing or 10 about blogging.

Off Note; You can start blogging for free at www.WordPress.com

Some of these 10 lessons may be useful for you even if you are not a blogger. You can probably apply them to many other areas in life such as your business on websites than a blog.

1. Product Value

You can’t start a blog without having a topic to begin with. Plan your way though how you will post and what you will post about. Its no good saying you will post about Houses For Sale then start posting about whats for sale at TESCO (Or Walmart for you in the US).A good introductory welcome post is always a good start. Read the introductory post for this blog here and for my Imagine A World Blog here.

You should post about things that will interest your reader. The more value your blog has, the more likely the reader is to; Favourite your blog, and link it to friends.

But how do you know what to post about?

Well, put yourself in the shoes of the reader. What would you want to know from that specific post? What would interest you? Should the post be short  and to-the-point or just an indepth post of the subject?.  The more value your posts have, the more likely your blog will be popular.

2. Market your blog

When you first start your blog, only you and perhaps your friends and family will know about it. It’s no good making a blog and no one knows about it. You need to market it well. How do you do that?

I found that commenting on other blogs and leaving a kind link to my blog was perfect. This attracted a few visitors – but not a load. Another way you can attract visitors is to Tag your posts well. If you write about an animal, tag your posts with word such as “Dog, Animal, Cat” etc. Your posts may show up in search results. If you follow step one about, you may get more visitors from that one post 😉

You may also want to get started by doing a minimum of 10 posts for example, then promoting your blog.

3. Learn from experienced bloggers

This is a key to having a good blog. Other bloggers may be more succesful than you and may be able to help. You may not always know the skills to blog. By asking people such as me for help, you might be more successful than the person that helped you 😉 Before I started this blog, I didn’t know a THING about blogging. I came across it randomly through a search result.

4. Have patience

You shouldn’t give up if you havn’t had visitors in a while. There are hundreds of blogs sharing the same content as you each day. Try and make your posts attrative and detailed and people will surely leave comments and feedback.

5. Slogans

You may have seen slogans on the TV, Radio, and billboards. Slogans are key element to a blog. They stick into the readers head in the hope they will return again. Make your slogan catchy and unique. No good copying TESCO’s (every little helps) slogan for a blog about video games 😆

6. Format your posts

Just dumping text onto a blank page isn’t going to be good. Try using subheadings to organise your posts. It makes your posts reliable and easier to read. If the reader sees that you write well, they are more likely to return to read more good stuff.

7. Don’t think about what others think about your blog.

After your first wave of visitors arrive, you may get some negative feedback as comments.  It’s your blog and you can post about what you want, how you want and when you want. Don’t let anyone hold you back from your passion.

8. Have a break. Have a … break..

If you stop blogging for a few days, people won’t stop coming. Comments may be left each day. Take a break if you want to.

9. Post in the future – at present

 In WordPress you can set the date and time for a post to appear on your blog. So if you are going on a vacation for a week you can write a few posts and then spread the posts out over the week.

10. Have fun.

Most importantly, Have Fun. You will find new ways to post and new topics to cover all the time.

Hope I helped.

-xMr Funguin – Your new found blogging friend.


1. Zipo - July 24, 2009

Well isn’t this a fine kettle of fish. 😛 I so think this is your new adventure you have been hinting about. You are going to post your real picture here? OMG…. this is so EPIC. LOL…. just a w. a. g. (short for wild ass guess 😆

2. Nev - July 27, 2009

Lol zipo. w.a.g. 😆

3. SIlver24shil - July 30, 2009

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4. son1c14 - August 13, 2009

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5. tabby104 - February 7, 2010

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6. Colored World - August 16, 2010

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7. Ремонт Соболь - February 25, 2011

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8. my own maddness - March 27, 2011

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With foot flakes, spaghetti, and a freshly popped pimple
-Hailey 🙂

9. Nander2003 - September 30, 2012

What is that Theme? Hailey?

10. clubpenguinnander2003 - September 30, 2012

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