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The much hyped puffle features are here!

Check it out. Just go to your igloo and click your puffle. You can only access the new puffle card from your igloo.

Have you tried it out yet?

There are new food items, grooming options and play toys.

Your puffle will also follow your mouse curser too!

Check it out today.

– xMr F



1. Zipo - March 8, 2011

Isn’t it amazing what CP is doing now. We were deprived pengi’s back in the day. I bet puffles will talk pretty soon!

No I haven’t tried this new feature out. I think my puffles are skeletons by now.

pingupingey - March 12, 2011


2. Zipo - March 10, 2011
3. Zipo - March 11, 2011

Ya really have to give this up dude! Your best intentions are looking pretty dang slacker like. 😆

And I really don’t like the new CP sites… they are like little noobs. HAHAHA

That Pengiupingey person… is a rude doodle. hahahaa Thinks should be in the CP rockstar of fame. hahaha

4. pingupingey - March 12, 2011

Thanks this helped alot, Mr Funguin! But I have a few questions for you which I hope you can answer and will.

Remember people like aguair and someone called something like Scotland100? You went to one of his parties remember? Well my question is what ever happened to aguair? Plz reply! Becuase I joined cp in around 2007 which my current penguin (i had ones before and used ones before) and have a cp blog which started in 2007 but quit in that same year then in 2010 had a few sites but couldn’t sign in to the 2007 one ’cause i forgot the password – 😆 – so effectively do you know what happened? Does he have a new blog? Please reply here and/or on my site!


xMr Funguin © - March 13, 2011

Oh, I’m not sure what happened to him. He quit Club Penguin, thats for sure.

pingupingey - March 13, 2011

oh ok thanks anyway, funguin!

Zipo - March 14, 2011

Like told this person, Ag and I talk, and are still very good friends.

PFFT…. you deleted my comment. Whatever…

xMr Funguin © - March 15, 2011

I did not delete your comment! lol

Zipo - March 15, 2011

Yah, like I said… I see it now. Ghosts!, I tell ya.

pingupingey - March 14, 2011

yup, shame

5. pingupingey - March 12, 2011

P.S. In december 2010 i managed to sign in so i use that site now

Zipo - March 14, 2011


6. Zipo - March 15, 2011

I said this before, Ag does not have a wordpress blog… or any blog.

7. Zipo - March 15, 2011

I see all comments now… there must be a ghost here. Ghosts of penguins past.

Puffle game launched at CP. I wonder if it is like a grenade launcher? Now that would be seriously cool. That puffle round up was pretty lame.

8. pingupingey - March 15, 2011

ok ok

9. Zipo - March 16, 2011

CP is getting to be a real movie site. We grew up too early. hahahahaa

10. Zipo - March 16, 2011

I did new puffle launch game… What the “What”?

What am I suppose be doing? Is CP advancing,but I’m not? 😆 Go figure.

11. Catbinit - March 17, 2011

i havent been on cp for ages…
The Following Information may not be suitable to persons under 10.

Apparently 80% of cp players are Pedo’s, Mr funguin ur not a pedo r u?

Zipo - March 18, 2011


I think we are safe Catbinit. But thanks for the good laugh.

I think his puffle’s name might be Pedo though. XD! Just Jkn’ with ya xMr.F.

12. Zipo - March 18, 2011

Say this is the most conversation I have seen in a great while here.

Ah, life is good. 😛

13. Zipo - March 25, 2011

And he gone again.

XMrF….give it up mon ami.

xMr Funguin © - April 9, 2011

No! I never give up.

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