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Blog Improvement Project 2011 January 2, 2011

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


2011 means a fresh start. A year to forget old worries, and start fresh basically!

I know I haven’t been blogging in months. I havn’t given up. If I had, then this blog would have been deleted or something.  I’ve been on and off for a while now but I am finally back!

To celebrate 2011, I am going to improve this blog. Here are a few changes you’ll see happening on the blog;

  • A new header (PhotoShop has been acting up, I’ll get it fixed)
  • New pages
  • A new club (I will do this if many people are interested, are you interested?)
  • More giveaways (I’ll be giving away Club Penguin codes, cards, toys and more!)
  • More frequent posts (I used to post once a week atleast, now I will try to post 3 times a week)
  • More fun
  • More PARTIES!

All this and more secret stuff!

But I need your help. I am doing this stuff for you so I need you to promote my blog. Just keep visiting and tell your friends! Let’s make this the best blog evaar! I mean how many blogs actually give away real items?

Thanks for your help!

– xMr Funguin




1. Cookie Monster - January 5, 2011

Yay finally ur back!!!!!!!!! I have only like just come

2. Zipo - January 18, 2011

Cookie… you need not get to excited. You may crumble.

3. Cookie Monster - January 23, 2011

Haha very funny. 😀 wen did u come back Zipo. U better not get 2 excited either u might get a Zit

4. Zipo - January 31, 2011

I never left. I check this blog regularly.

A Zit? OMG that is so true! I always keep zit cream on hand just in case I do get 2 excited. :7

5. Catbinit - February 4, 2011

😀 Zipo ur awesome 😛 changed my name… Again Still the same old Cookie but just a different name…
The name’s Binit, Catbinit 😛

6. Zipo - February 8, 2011

A new Cookie!! Any cookie is a good cookie whatever you call it…or keep it. 😉

Catbinit is an awesome name. Binit is a great nickname as well. Kinda like Bond, James Bond. Binit, Catbinit. How British! ‚ò∫

7. Thomas Daniel Bebbington - February 9, 2011

You still at this?

8. Silverrulez, Silver24shil - February 12, 2011


9. Catbinit - February 15, 2011

Aww it doesnt work for zipo, Any one get a valentines i definatly didnt 😦 I wasnt rlly plannin on one either

Zipo - February 23, 2011

Well I got a few, but dang, had I should have sent you one! I will put you on the list for next year. 😉

Feel the love? 😆

10. pingupingey - February 22, 2011

he aint comin’ back is he

he will have to respond on my site to convince me…

Zipo - February 23, 2011

Well I think xMr.F has good intentions, he just has a busy schedule and he is getting old, and his mind is almost gone by now.

😆 Good golly I am witty.

11. pingupingey - February 24, 2011

Well he will…

12. Zipo - February 25, 2011

Man pingupingey’s blog is nuts I tell ya. There is no way you can follow the conversation. Where is the sidebar to tell you who just commented on what page? I need visual aids! 😛

13. pingupingey - February 25, 2011


14. Zipo - February 25, 2011

Then I was called rude…. I am never rude… I was confussed. LOST and CONFUSED. Crazy kids these days. hahaha

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