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Puffle Party – Feb 2010 February 20, 2010

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I thought I’d make a visit in that massive flash game – Club Penguin, once again. It seems there is a party on!

Its the Puffle Party – 2010!

It’s like the one from last year, but there is a new free item which I’ll get to in a minute.

And ah.. excuse my typing. I was meant to be typing in the chat box Puffle party sounds like a load of puffle and not some other shh.. sugar.

The free item is located right at the bottom of your screens in the Palace like place called the Plaza;

Its a puffle hat. You get free dangling puffles attached to it! Just what I’ve always wanted haha!

If you’re a member, then you’ll want to head for the puffles mouth in the Sky Village.

You lucky members will have access to a puffle show. I’m assuming its a show where puffles (like yours) show off their bits!

Did I mention there is a new play in town?

Head for the Plaza and then to the stage for a play you’ll never forget (even though you will eventually)…

Its called “Secrets of the Bamboo Forest

Here is the stage on the inside;

Thats all I found today.

Did you find anything else?

– xMr Funguin

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1. Zipo - February 21, 2010

Hmmmm…. isn’t this a coincidence. I mentioned the puffle party on the last post. Could you have seen it and then made the visit to CP? HMMMMM….. LOL

Well you missed the new backgrounds. You can purchase new backgrounds in 2 places. BUT I AIN”T SAYIN’ WHERE….. hahahahaha

And the pin. You forgot the pin. But I didn’t. 😆

xMr Funguin © - February 21, 2010

Thanks =)
Where can you get 2 new backgrounds? Please tell!

Zipo - February 21, 2010

In the reg. gift catalog and the stage catalog. You also have to have the pin (the feather) located at the Beacon in order to cross the bridge in the play.

You OWE me. 😆

2. Zipo - February 23, 2010

By the time you get back here, the party will be over.

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