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Yay :) September 4, 2009

Posted by Nev! At the Disco in Uncategorized.

Hihi! Fall fair, Rockhopper, new catalogs.. Raaa so much haha 🙂

If you’ve been to CP last year, you’ve probably been to the fall fair before. All of the games, I think, are the same, but the Puffle Circus is a new addition to the Fall Fair this year. Too bad it’s only for members… There is also a member prize booth!

Picture 4

Picture 5

In the puffle circus, you can choose a puffle to perform an act for you! In the picture, I made a pink puffle do a dive 🙂


Rockhopper came today 🙂

there’s a viking helmet in the little pirate catalog thing… Its free 🙂

Picture 65

I also got the fuzzy one.. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it.

Has anyone found Rockhopper?? I haven’t 😛

There’s a new catalog! Actually, two of them.

Catalog cheats:

1. Go on the first page of the catalog.

2. Click on the laptop mouse for the black bowtie!


1. Go to the 7th page of the catalog.

2. And click on the inside of the piano for the viking helmet. open and close three times for the extroardinary blue helmet!

And now on to the sports catalog!!

Well, actually I don’t know if there are any cheats or secrets in there. Sorry. 😦

Well, they added the color green to the teams! Which team are you rooting for? Red, blue, or green?




1. Zipo - September 5, 2009

Hahahahahahahah….the rat took the bait! I knew if I commented on the fall fair and RH in the last post she would pirate the info and post. I smell a rat!! hahahahaha

It was a half way decent post though. : ) Even if it wasn’t the info for the non-members. Snobbery! LOL

2. Zipo - September 5, 2009

The viking helmet is a repeat gift. Lame but that is what CP gives out anymore. HOWEVER, they did give out a new hat to non-member in the prize booth. Similar to the members. The princess crown was a repeat though. The other two, pin and background were new.

New stuff backgrounds available in the catalog as well.

The team’s ( LOL ) been working on the October catalog and they want your help to decide which spooky player card background to use for that edition! Hey I can sing spooky!! It is a song ya know.

Yes, I have to pick up the pieces here. ROFL

3. Moon Person - September 7, 2009

Actually the was spin the wheel on club penguin last year. But now its gone.

4. Zipo - September 12, 2009

Well, no post on Sept. 11th. 9/11 ….silence….

Tomorrow Funguin comes home.

Welcome back XMr. F !!!

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