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I am so bored. There are 13 comments in the dashboard. I think i’ll reply to them in this post :) August 22, 2009

Posted by Nev! At the Disco in Uncategorized.

As you can tell from the title.. That’s what I’m going to do on this post. Yippeeee.


i am lenned.
i feel bad that only one person comments daily.
i have been a fan of this website since it was #1 in google.
Mr.Funguin might remember me from an email about my blog and if he could help
now i am open to help you guys for anything.
posting,commenting,recomending,or anything else you might need

Nev’s reply: Thanks Lenned! Wow, I never knew this was #1 in google :P. I guess im just lame. D:  At the moment, I dont really think we need anything! Thanks for commenting (:


I was so bored once, I thought I would eat myself. Then someone suggested I do that while filming it and put it on YouTube. Ah, but I thought Paris Hilton probably already did it on YouTube I could have been a millionaire by now had I done it

Nev’s reply: Sure Zipo.. Sure. Youre so.. special for trying to do that. What if your already a millionare and you didnt know it :O. It’s raining money!


GEEZZ you must be bored if you had to talk about me. ROFL!!!

But then I am special. Just ask my dear mum and xMr F. (No he isn’t my father! :lol: )

I have now in my CP closet, 3 propeller hats. I think if they give out any more of those lame hats, I can build a helicopter and get the `flying` heck off that tray of ice they call a club. : ) Billybob, Joebob and their brother Bubbabob need to get out once in awhile! See what’s new at Walmart and bring it back to the island. :wink:

xMr. F will have to get the bleep machine out for some of the comments on the dashboard. I can’t be responsible for any of them. It was the cold medication I am on. It makes me crazy I tell ya. XD :!: So your on the run from the law too huh? I know all the hiding places if you need to get lost fast. :lol:

I can’t rate this party. I can’t count without both hands and I am sitting on one of them right now.

Thanks for the post.

Ciao ~N~

Nev’s reply: What a long comment! Wow, you really ARE bored… Haha.


OKAY! So the rest are from Zipo, and I’m tired right now, so I might post the other comments later, or not at all.

Howdy? No. Not howdy.




1. Zipo - August 22, 2009

That sucked.

I was trying to have some fun with xMr.F. We are good friends. I thought it would be better to post some comments due to the fact this is a dying blog, and he was worried about his blogs. And if you can’t approve comments. Leave them alone.

I think I will wait til he comes back and posts.

2. Zipo - August 22, 2009

PS..as far as I know there is no limit to how long a comment can be. And if you think the comment you made reference to was long, you are very badly mistaken. Possibly you’re a self proclaimed literary critic or just maybe your attention span is short! 😉

Peut-être trop alésage

Dippy - September 5, 2009

oh be quiet

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