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Bored out of my mind. Party over :( August 21, 2009

Posted by Nev! At the Disco in Uncategorized.

Bah, I’m so bored.. So I decided to make a post on here! Wahoooo. Lately only Zipo has been commenting… What’s wrong witchu people! Okay, there’s probably nothing wrong… .-.

So August 2009. Fesitval of flight. I liked this party, because it was the first festival of flight Club penguin has ever had (or is it?). It wasn’t one of the big parties like the Music Jam, or the water party. I liked the member room for this party, it was fun. But they really should have let non-members go in too… So unfair lol. The non-member item was okay, But a propellor cap again? I mean, come on cp. All we have are like, propellor caps. Let’s go Billybob and the gang. Think harder.. Think… THINK!!!! Oh well. I liked this party, but they really should have done more lol. It was not that boring… But maybe just a tiny bit.

So 11 comments waiting in the dashboard! I wonder how many Mr. F will have to approve… Or delete.. When he gets back. Sadly, I shall just be an author not an admin. So I can’t approve your comments. Somehow I figured out to approve one of Zipos… He’s the only one that’s been commenting lately lol. I can’t get any of his other ones… Weird. Maybe wordpress found out and tracked me down : O oh, that’s bad.

Back to Club Penguin! I would rate this party 8.5/10, because I really liked the idea of the festival of flight, and the decorations. But the gang should have added more things to make it… 10/10 worthy.

Well, I guess I’ll see you in my next post..




1. Zipo - August 22, 2009

GEEZZ you must be bored if you had to talk about me. ROFL!!!

But then I am special. Just ask my dear mum and xMr F. (No he isn’t my father! 😆 )

I have now in my CP closet, 3 propeller hats. I think if they give out any more of those lame hats, I can build a helicopter and get the `flying` heck off that tray of ice they call a club. : ) Billybob, Joebob and their brother Bubbabob need to get out once in awhile! See what’s new at Walmart and bring it back to the island. 😉

xMr. F will have to get the bleep machine out for some of the comments on the dashboard. I can’t be responsible for any of them. It was the cold medication I am on. It makes me crazy I tell ya. XD ❗ So your on the run from the law too huh? I know all the hiding places if you need to get lost fast. 😆

I can’t rate this party. I can’t count without both hands and I am sitting on one of them right now.

Thanks for the post.

Ciao ~N~

2. Zipo - August 22, 2009

I was so bored once, I thought I would eat myself. Then someone suggested I do that while filming it and put it on YouTube. Ah, but I thought Paris Hilton probably already did it on YouTube I could have been a millionaire by now had I done it. 🙂

3. lenned - August 22, 2009

i am lenned.
i feel bad that only one person comments daily.
i have been a fan of this website since it was #1 in google.
Mr.Funguin might remember me from an email about my blog and if he could help
now i am open to help you guys for anything.
posting,commenting,recomending,or anything else you might need

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