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Festival of flight! August 16, 2009

Posted by Nev! At the Disco in Club Penguin, Events, Parties, PARTY TIME!.

Edit: Just a quick saying, since Mr. Funguin isn’t here, your comments will not show up until he comes back from vacation. I am not able to approve it, and sorry about that. Though I can still see your comments in the dashboard. Thanks!

Hey! This is Nev here, aka forevernothing. You can call me Nev or forevernothing, it doesn’t really matter to me. So my first post on Mr. Funguin’s blog is about the latest party, Festival of Flight!!

There is a free item for all penguins to take located at the plaza, and it is the green propellor hat!

Picture 15

Remember to click yes! The free item for members is a little tricky to find. So luckily, super Nev is here to help! =O amazing, right?

Well first, you go to the forest. You should see the balloon ride. Well get on it!

Picture 27

Once you get on the balloon ride, you should be patient. It takes up to 2 minutes or less for the next balloon ride to leave to the tallest mountain!

Picture 28

Once the flight has begun, it takes about another 2 minutes to get to the tallest mountain. Don’t worry, you’re almost there!

When you reach to the top, you should see a box of jetpacks.

Picture 13

Take time and go explore club penguin to see the other secrets! I’ll leave the exploring part to you!




1. Zipo - August 17, 2009

Hey Nev. I had to find the pin all by myself. 🙄 XD

xMr.F ….. you left me here. I am not responsible for what I say. 😆

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