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August Penguin style 2009 cheats August 7, 2009

Posted by Silverrulez in Uncategorized.

The Penguin Style catalog for August is out.

It has tons of cool styles for you to dress in for the upcoming Festival of Flight.

Here is the new colour – AQUA!


 Here are the hidden item cheats.

Here’s how to find the Red Viking Helmet:

1. Go to the twelfth page of the catalog.
2. Click on the inside of the piano.

red viking helmet cheat

Here’s how to find the Blue Viking Helmet:

1. Go to the twelfth page of the catalog.
2. Click on the inside of the piano.
3. Open and close the red viking helmet four times.

blue viking helmet cheat

That’s it for the Penguin Style catalog cheats. There are alot of items for the Festival of Flight. Which items do you like best?


Mr Fun Edit; Did you notice on the frontpage the penguin is wearing the same colour stripes as the new member badges?




1. xMr Funguin © - August 7, 2009

Thanks for posting. Weren’t there any more secrets?

2. silver24shil - August 8, 2009


3. Zipo - August 9, 2009

Aqua is a fools color. LOL

And you silver24shil, are not fooling me!!!

On page13, click the big word “PENGUINS” in ,“Penguins at work” for the most coveted Crystal Staff (I could use this to direct the church choir…. or ABBA. 🙂

On page 16 (near the crack between the pages) of the catalog, click on the brown sea shell (It looks like something else, but I won’t go there.) for the Canteen. You really build up a thirst when directing!

On page 20, click the last window on the page for the Woodman’s Hat. Sometimes you need a hardhat for all the crap that hits ya in the head some days.

On the first page of Clearance, click the dragon’s shadow for the Blue Dragon Costume. Now doesn’t everyone need one of those? 🙄
Check out the new backgrounds too.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. So I did. XD

4. cookie monster - August 9, 2009

Mr funguin silver24shil didnt look right there were a lot more then one here they are:
Here’s how to find the Crystal Staff:
1. Go to the seventh page of the catalog.
2. Click on the word “Penguins”.
Here’s how to find the Canteen:
1. Go to the eighth page of the catalog.
2. Click on the brown shell
Here’s how to find the Woodsman’s Hat:
1. Go the tenth page of the catalog.
2. Click on the window in the top right..
Here’s how to find the Blue Dragon Costume:
1. Go to the eleventh page of the catalog.
2. Click on the dragon shadow in the top left.

P.S mr funguin post a bit more siler24shil is posting everything and your not posting at all!

zipo - August 9, 2009

🙄 I said that already. It seems we don’t all count the pages the same way. Maybe we need to have a meeting here. LOL

5. silver24shil - August 9, 2009

Well i didnt post those cause those are old secrets and everybody already new them,and cookie montster im silver24shil 😀

6. Zipo - August 10, 2009

WT… why is my second comment deleted? I cry FOUL!!! (not the chicken…lol) I want my comment posted here!!! lol

Silver24shil…. are you in charge of the fiasco? LOL…. Well if you say they are old secrets and everybody already “knew” them…. ok.

But I didn’t “already know them” …. so whatever…. : )

7. Zipo - August 10, 2009

But… did anyone post those so called “old” secrets here before? If not they are new here. ❗

Answer my question or you will be looking a fool. Like that aqua color. :/

8. Z - August 10, 2009

Ok then. All my comments are showing now.
Thanks silver , carry on. : )

9. cookie monster - August 10, 2009

silver24shil i hate you and i wish u never one the chance to be an author and i think u should change ur name i thought u were a girl i dont care if i spelt ur stupid name wrong and for that reason mr funguin has lost me coming on his site and u are a fool and ur stupid so what if there old cheats some time they change u know and some people dont even like the vik helmet plus at least mr fun had jokes on his posts and u have sort of taken over i havent seen mr fun post for ages apart from him going away and until he comes back im leaving this site for GOOD and by that i mean im not coming on till he comes back I HATE U SILVER24SHIL!!!!!!!!!!

10. Zipo - August 10, 2009

OMG Cookie… get a grip! I don’t see that you spelled his name wrong. And he wasn’t being mean or anything. He was responding to me probably. And what dif if he is a girl or a boy? xMr.Fun put this dude in charge cuz he needed the help. Well we all know xMr. F can never be replaced, cuz he is so awesome, but maybe with some help this new guy can at best … CRACK A FRIGGIN’ Joke soon. XD

So cookie, stay and keep me company at least. : ) And we can give silver some trouble together. 😆 It builds character~

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