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Party! August 3, 2009

Posted by Silverrulez in Uncategorized.

The Party Was GREAT!!!Thanks for everybody who came here are some pics


Here is the video!

From Silver24shil…

Waddle On!



1. Nev - August 3, 2009

Wait.. You use penguin storm? I noticed that from the name color things… You DO know thats hacking right?!

pleo008 - August 4, 2009

its not hacking i use it its chating u use it to get old items and more coins and other stuff crazy

2. silver24shil - August 4, 2009

i dont use penguin storm my computer does that for some reason.But i dont hack.

3. Oilersmyth - August 4, 2009

hey silver24shil:

do u use penguin storm? i notices the colored names…

4. Oilersmyth - August 4, 2009

Hey and Sannity is there!!!!! SIlver24shil… is that a lie or somethin?

5. silver24shil - August 4, 2009

No i dont use penguin storm.I am FULLY against hacking.And what do you mean lie?

6. oilersmyth - August 5, 2009

Im talking about sannity penguin… the guy that made the new website about hacking… why is he there???

7. Nev - August 6, 2009

The reason u can get that stuff is because penguin storm hack into cp to get it..

pleo008 - September 9, 2009

what ever i got ps8 yesterday

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