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New pin July 31, 2009

Posted by Silverrulez in Uncategorized.

Hey theres nothin much on club penguin but the pin (Correct me if im wrong). So the new pin is at the cofee shop.


Believe it or not this is my first real post. 🙂

I will be at Mr.Funguin’s Party!

And here is the invite if you forgot.



Waddle On




1. cpbcshows - July 31, 2009

Ok so Im not quitting. My site is back up and running, with some major updates along the way! so chec it out:

2. cpbcshows - July 31, 2009

oh yeah mr fun bublezun hasnt posted in a long time do yo know why

xMr Funguin © - August 1, 2009

She stopped posting because she quit..With time, that will be me 😉

3. cpbcshows - August 1, 2009

thanks i just wanted to know because she didnt post she was quitting. Well thanks!

4. cookie monster - August 1, 2009


wheres mrs funguin she hasent posted fpr months either
but please dont quit your awesome

xMr Funguin © - August 1, 2009

She quit ages ago.

5. clubben1000 - August 1, 2009

you forgot somthing. penguins are holding bunnys. whats that all about?

6. silver24shil - August 1, 2009

Hey Mr.Funguin if i ever have a party,can i put the invite on here?

xMr Funguin © - August 1, 2009


7. cookie monster - August 1, 2009

Hey, what about my question I want to know about Mrs funguin

8. Nev - August 2, 2009

Im so excited for the party! I’ll be mingming987, btw. 🙂 Maybe i’ll make an aniversary present for you later :O

9. Nev - August 3, 2009

I’ll just take some pics and give you the link tomorrow. I dont have hypercam… .-.

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