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Anniversary Party! July 27, 2009

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.

It was 2 solid years that this blog was made on July 12th!

It’s been 1 or two weeks thats we passed that date, but we still want to celebrate!

Here is the invite to the party;

Anniversary Party

It’s one week today and If you’re not sure of the time, check it here;


I hope you can be there!

Updates will be provided on Twitter on the day.

e.g: “5 minutes to go…” “I might be late”… So keep an eye on Twitter – next Monday.

Don’t forget to tell your friends 😀


Cya there.

-xMr Funguin



1. Zipo - July 27, 2009

OOOOOOo the pressure! TIME is going to be my enemy. I already know it. I hate that %$#&* Time thing. Time is my enemy!!! We are as different as black and white.

Who is on the guest list? I can’t show up without knowing the guest list. Is there a dress code? 😆

If I don’t make it….. please don’t swear at me. XD

2. xMr Funguin © - July 27, 2009

Mrs Fun is going to be there 😉

3. ♫ Smiley Sarah ☺ - July 28, 2009

yayyy!!! I remember the post you did LAST year. the title was like… Blog Birtday Brings Big Bonas! I just had my 1 year aniversery last week, so did bbfreeze. I cant make it to the party 😦 . im gunna be camping with my friend hailey. Srry i havn’t been commenting that much ive been busy. well BYEEE!

xMr Funguin © - July 28, 2009

lol ok.

4. JoRdAn. - July 29, 2009

hola amigo. =D

i’d come to your party in all, but i can’t =O. i hav summer camp… for one week… lol. i havn’t been on CP in over like 7 months. last i checked i was 1,200 somthing days old.

-Me. The person. Not you.

5. cookie monster - July 29, 2009

Happy birthday to blog, happy birthday to blog, happy birthday dear blog, happy birthday to blog. Mr funguin like my song its to your blog lol
il be there by way

6. mr funguin2 - July 29, 2009

OMG ITS THE DAY RIGHT AFTER MY BIRTHDAY YIPPEY!!!!! this is going 2 be awesom!

7. SIlver24shil - July 30, 2009

I will make a video/Pics if you want me to.No hassle

Mr Fun Says: If you could, that would be great! Thanks!

8. cookie monster - July 30, 2009

mr fun when is your birthday and which area do you live in im just wondering by way

xMr Funguin © - July 30, 2009

Birthday – Gone
Area – Never

9. Nev - August 3, 2009


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