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Music Jam 2009! July 17, 2009

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.

WAHAY, The Music Jam 2009 is here!

There is one free item and I think there may be more coming.

Go to the cove for the Green Headphones;


There is a new pin too!

Go to the Boiler Room for the Beach Umbrella Pin!


There is also a new Better Igloos Catalogue.

To get it, go to your igloo and click on the Tape Measure then the Catalogue.

Here are some of the secrets.

For the Guitar Stand, click on the Stone Column Ruins.


For the Band Stage, click the Gramophone.


For the Wall Speakers click the DJ Table


Did you find any more secrets?

I like the new music in the Music Jam, what about you?




1. silver24shil - July 17, 2009

Mr.funguin should i post the backstage secrets if there is any?

Mr Fun Says: If you want to šŸ˜€

2. silver24shil - July 17, 2009

there is a couple cheats

3. Zipo - July 17, 2009

Well I am day trippin! I got my ear-cans on! I look so freaking cool, I am the RULE OF COOL! ROFL But still, I couldn’t get a VIP back stage pass. Ah, well.

xMr. F. At the snowforts, there is a booth to by rockout Tshirts. I was just window shopping of course. LOL And if you go to the roof of the Night Club, yes you have to be a member here as well, you can get for free another old item…the boombox. I would love to have a boomboom, so I could get down! :mrgreen:

I love those applause signs they have around! It is a total scream. I had the crowd cheering so loud you could hardly hear the jammin” ā—

In the catalog …. Click the ā€œIā€ for snare drums and drumsticks. Click the ā€œOā€ for the black electric guitar too.

Wow, I am exhausted. I better have another bowl of cheerios… oh and Cheerio old chap! šŸ˜€

xMr Funguin Ā© - July 17, 2009

Yeah, I saw many rooms and saw the t-shirts, but It’s a little bit stupid to post about soemthing people can go see for themselves. I like posting secrets and free item places xD

Btw, I’m not a member right now which explains why i didn’t post about the member room šŸ˜
Should have wrote that ā—

4. Zipo - July 17, 2009

And, I only go on CP, when there is Par-Day….. cuz I want my free stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ā— ROFL

5. Zipo - July 18, 2009

Ah, I see. Well I was just out and about, so I just mentioned those things. You do a fine fine job.

xMr Funguin Ā© - July 19, 2009

Thanks šŸ™‚

6. Mad cookie - July 20, 2009

I changed my name i was funky monkey so if u see mad cookie any where its me

Why wont u answer the question of which school u go to and whats ur name i wont laugh by the way some1 in my school has SWINE FLU.

7. Mad cookie - July 20, 2009

I have another question dont u think cp is boring its the worst game because it updates every 3 years.

If u want any more game feel free to ask

8. Zipo - July 21, 2009

I am going to vote for the new color on CP. I pick maroon cuz it matches my eyes. ROFL….. well when I stay out late. šŸ˜€

9. Cookie Monster - July 21, 2009

Hey, mr funguin some one deleted all my posts whats up with it, i changed my name from funky monkey to cookie monster i didnt think u’d delete it

Mr Funguin Says: Maybe your blog got hacked or something? Or one of your users deleted them. Idk. šŸ™‚

10. Cookie Monster - July 22, 2009

Why wont u answer me mr funguin šŸ˜¦

xMr Funguin Ā© - July 23, 2009

Because… I checked moderation after 2 days.

11. Zipo - July 22, 2009

LOL… from funkymonkey to the cookie monster… there’s an improvement.

Akistmet or whatever the heck that thing wordpress has …does this to us. It is a security thingy! We see you now! šŸ˜€

12. cookie monster - July 22, 2009

I know its because of these stupid computers that are slow

13. Nev - July 22, 2009

Hey Mr. fun ;D what crakiliakin lol. So what color are YOU rooting for?! ;o Today is my winking day (;

14. cookie monster - July 23, 2009

I like aqua but i like lavender what dou think maroon looks horrible by they way

15. Zipo - July 23, 2009

Dude, here is a wink šŸ˜‰ šŸ™„

Our smilies are back!! Who-RAW šŸ˜†

šŸ˜³ It is the little things in life that make me happy šŸ˜Ž

I voted for maroon, but I didn’t root for it. šŸ˜ˆ But I will ā—

xMr Funguin Ā© - July 23, 2009

YAY! Smilies back.

What is everyone talking about?

It’s either Club Penguin related or its another one of those “Choose the next new colour” polls…

16. Zipo - July 23, 2009

Taco Bell dog died. Don’t eat any tocos there for a couple of days! šŸ˜›

17. Nev - July 23, 2009

Aww. I know! He died. I never really ate there anyway. I like my nachos just plain. I dont need tomatoes on it, thank you very much.

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