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Ruby and the Ruby July 10, 2009

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Nothing new in Club Penguin today. Just a return of the stage story: Ruby and the Ruby.


The inside of the stage is EXACTLY the same as the outside, so don’t get excited…

Ruby and the Ruby

At the back of the Costume Catalogue/Trunk there is a neat cheat!

Just drag the back message downwards….

Drag this DOWNWARDS!

…to reveal….

A SUPER EXCITING…City Background 😆


And if click the Following items IN ORDER in the room, then you’ll get a goodie.


  1. File Cabinet
  2. Dust Bin (Trash can for you Americans)
  3. Book
  4. Vase of Flowers
  5. and Finally the Picture.

Behind the picture is a Safe which you will need to click to open. When you do that, you can get

THE RUBY!!!…pin…


Thats all that happened today.

Don’t forget – The Music Jam starts next Friday as my amazing new author told you 😉


I’ve also got some VERY important news coming up. I’ll post about that in the next 2-3 weeks 😆

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– xMr Funguin





1. Silver24shil - July 10, 2009

Hey Mr.funguin is it ok if i can meet you on club penguin sometime?

xMr Funguin © - July 10, 2009

Sure 😉

2. Dippy - July 10, 2009

Im haveing a contest on my blog.It would mean a lot to me if you made a comment on my blog and it would mean even MORE if you entered my contest! PLEASE COME!!!!

3. Zipo - July 11, 2009

I love this play
So we are self proclaimed geniuses!

I just love that Ruby play!!! I just went on and was asking to speak wit Sam Spade. I need help,my dog is missing. I saw him last in the park, he was sniffing around. I swear I turned my head for just a second, and when I turned back around he was gone. Can you help me? The dude I was talking to, pulled out the CP Times and started reading. I said well his picture isn’t in the paper yet. But I posted one on my milk carton this morning, but I think my mom put in the fridge. The guy got up and left. So I said, does this mean you won’t take the case? I was laughing so hard. I just love it!!!!

4. Zipo - July 11, 2009

So is your announcement you are having another child? Is sir lemon like in college now? 😀

Mr Fun Says: Nope, I don’t think you will be able to guess.

5. Moon Man Two - July 11, 2009

Please visit http://*.wordpress.com for your latest CP cheats!

6. Zipo - July 13, 2009

Why don’t you think I would guess? HMMM…

Is a personal thinkgy …. or is it a CP thingy? Can you give me a hint?

Mr Funguin Says: No, its not personal or CP. Lets just say, you can ask the birds where I’ve been 😉

7. silver24shil - July 13, 2009

Is it about a vacation?

xMr Funguin © - July 13, 2009


8. Zipo - July 13, 2009

High up huh? Does have to do with sports and leisure?

This is just like a game!! Very entertaining. XD

9. Zipo - July 13, 2009

ha ha, now everyone wants to join in the fun of 20 questions! Copy cats. LOL

Well that is where I was leading. I think I have an idea as well.

10. silver24shil - July 14, 2009

am i close

Mr Fun Says: Yeah…

11. funkymonkey - July 14, 2009

me bored

12. Nev - July 14, 2009

Oho! Being tricky eh???? WHERE WERE YOU ON THE 18 OF JANUARY 2007?!?! *Suspicious*

13. Zipo - July 14, 2009

Dang it all, I was the one who started the asking the questions! Why does everyone have to copy me? BECAUSE I am a leader ❗ XD

So anyway, I was leading into the whole question thing with a theory. Yes I had one then and I do now. You didn’t answer my question about sports and leisure. So, I was going with …. you are going to cross the pond too see a big game of sorts. Or you are staying on your side of the pond and going to one. I see you always are watching sports. You had the open line to the sports guy on your twitter. Or you are going to the big shindig at London’s 02 Arena. The tip off to me was the birds clue… you will be in the air. That is why I said “high up.” Hence an airplane.

But, who am I to guess? 🙄

xMr Funguin © - July 15, 2009

…You are sort of right and wrong lol

14. rollerfebaybe - July 17, 2009


I like Your blog. It is very interesting. Do You have RSS I want to add to my favorites.
Let me know when it will be ready. Kee it UP.
see ya Szczecin Hotele

15. cobie - August 6, 2009

Amazing post i must say that was worth reading

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