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Talk 2 Sensei and New Clothing Catalogue! July 3, 2009

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.

Hey Guys!

There are some new things in Club Penguin.

From today, you get to mett Sensei in the Dojo.


But, you have to be a Ninja and a Member 😦

Next, there is a new Pin.

Its a Dojo Lantern Pin and you can find it at the Pool.


There is a new catalogue, in the Gift Shop too.


Lets take a look inside it. (First page)



Now lets see the secrets.

Click the red circle, to get the item.

Click the Rock …


….For the Canteen.


For the Blue Dragon Costume (Click the shadow of the dragon. Forgot to circle it)

Blu Dragon Costume

For the Woodsman Hat;


For the Crystal Staff;


For the Red Viking Helmet;


For the Blue Viking Helmet, open and close the Red one, 4 times.


Thats all the secrets I found.

xMr Funguin

Please don’t forget to check out www.imagineaworld.wordpress.com for some important Swine Flu information in my area and follow me on Twitter @ www.twitter.com/xMrFunguin !


I have nearly chosen the new author! Thanks!



1. Zipo - July 5, 2009

I couldn’t get into see to the old man. Everyone and his mother was on CP. Well, I apparently couldn’t see him anyway. That members rule is getting old real fast. Har Har!

Geez, have been gone that long that I had to enter my credentials again? It seems like just yesterday I was here. : )

xMr Funguin © - July 5, 2009

Welcome back.

Zipo - July 5, 2009

It is good to be back.

2. Zipo - July 5, 2009

I just came from another site that has your name on it. Good golly… are you are secret agent of some sorts? Or maybe you are just a blog hog. ROFL. Blogging must be in your blood. =]

3. Zipo - July 5, 2009

Ok, what’s the deal?

I just came from another site that has your name on it. Good golly… are you are secret agent of some sorts? Or maybe you are just a blog hog. ROFL. Blogging must be in your blood. =]

xMr Funguin © - July 5, 2009

Can I have a link to that blog please? It might be a blog I forgot I had rights to post on 😆

Zipo - July 6, 2009

Good golly, now you ask. I will go back and find it. Hold on it might take a minute. In the meantime, get a tan. : )

4. forevernothing - July 5, 2009

Just wondering, when will you tell us the new author?

5. Zipo - July 6, 2009
6. Zipo - July 6, 2009

Well that wasn’t the one I found earlier today. I will find it again I am sure. I will then leave the link here. I’m on a mission now! Wahoo!

7. Zipo - July 6, 2009

Do you have the initials of I . C. in real life? I found this site with your registration on it. Did you have a site with someone else before? This is going to drive me nuts. Well it would be a short drive at least. ROFL

Mr F Says: no I dont.

8. Zipo - July 6, 2009


There is a couple of these out there, but this still isn’t it. I will be up all night now. I have an obsessive complusive disorder. And now it has been triggered. I hope you feel quilty. XD

Mr Funguin Says: Thanks for that link lol….

9. Funky Monkey - July 6, 2009

I have a few question:

Whats your name?
How old are you?
What year are you in?
What school do you go to?

Please answer
P.S. Person who plays Ron Weasly in Harry Potter has swine flu

xMr Funguin © - July 8, 2009

1) I can’t say right now.
2) 15 … yeah, that too old to play Club Penguin…But I dont care! 😛
3) The year you are in when you are 15 😉
4) Prefer not to say.

P.S, Yes I did know Rupert has Swine Flu :O

10. Zipo - July 6, 2009

Hey wth…. all my comments I left here last nigt are gone. Is someone trying to drive me nuts. Oh it would be a short drive. hahaha

I had said that last night too! OMG… this is like déjà vu. Either I am in a dram sequence, or have to stop drinking after 5pm. ROFL

OK…. here is the link xMr. F.


And I found 2 more. But I won’t mention them event you saw them and removed my comments already.

You owe me.

Mr Funguin Says: I’ve never remove your comments!
Thanks for the link 😉

11. Zipo - July 6, 2009

Well, I lost more comments on other sites as well. I think it was because I was running spy ware at the same time. Do you know when I do that, I clean off your blog as well. Do you know that I had one file suspected of malicious content? I am sure it wasn’t this one. You run a clean blog here! LOL

What the …. is going on with those emotes? They suck! Opps, srry for the bad language. hahahahahahahaa

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