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New Igloo Tracks! May 29, 2009

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.

As much as I would love to post more often, quickly and with more pictures, my stupid retarded laptop won’t let me. My laptop was repaired once as you know and it has broken down again. The mouse clicks whenever it wants! (I am trying to post with the laptop right now and its hard)

Anyway, In Club Penguin, there are some new Igloo Tracks!


Unfortunatly, I can’t do a thing about that as I am not a member. I havn’t been one for months. I have to go the store to get the membership for myself and for the contest winner by Tuesday… (It’s not expensive here 😆 )

I know there is something else that is new in Club Penguin but I can’t see it with this retarded laptop.

– Mr Fun.



1. Zipo7 - May 29, 2009

Retarded laptops. Maybe you should more politcally correct and say… challenged laptop. HAHA.

Hmm let me see, new snow and sports catalog.Adventure Party June 12-16, 2009, and of course all the plants growing all over the beach. There is a jack hammer there, so I think they are getting ready to fill that last screen in HQ with a Green House.

2. Zipo7 - May 30, 2009

Oh and this is new too. Card Jitsu Updates. You can click on some dohicky and see your cards and your belt level. Lord have mercy… I can’t remember everything. ROFL

3. Hasanb123 - May 30, 2009

Where do u get memberships from in uk cuz woolworths closed down and i cant find a sainsburys store that sell any 😦

4. WERUIOWEU - June 1, 2009


5. Funky Monkey - June 3, 2009

oy i told you to shut it f*** u its not his fault its the laptops

6. Zipo7 - June 3, 2009

Ok… now that you got that out of your system. Heard any good jokes lately?

7. xMr Funguin © - June 4, 2009

no. just the one about the guy that got his head stuck in a blender and then got up and called for the painter to paint his room red 😉

Zipo7 - June 4, 2009

What shade of red? ROFL

xMr Funguin © - June 5, 2009

He got it painted blood red. 😛

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