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Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.

The Membership Contest Has Been Extended Until April 30th!

Check it out!

– Good Luck! Mr Funguin. (and no, I am not saying good luck to myself xD)



1. christi - April 21, 2009

aww man =(

2. funky monkey - April 21, 2009

funkymonkey xD)

3. clubben1000 - April 21, 2009

i think he was talking 2 me becuse my clubpenguin user name is: Mr Funguin2(xD)

4. umphulump55 - April 23, 2009

Dear Mr.Funguin,
My friend, Demi, is a HUGE fan of your site. she just started hers, and wants it to be really good so you can visit. It would mean EVERYTHING to her if you visited her site and commented. Please! If you would like to take me up on my offer, you can click my name to see my site.

5. sara - April 29, 2009

I hope i have a chance!! *crosses fingers*
by the way nice banner, how did you make it?

6. motto - April 30, 2009

who won?!?!

7. motto - May 2, 2009

who freakin won

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