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Fridays Events March 27, 2009

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Like any other Friday there is an update in Club Penguin.

From today, Non-Members will be able to go into the Penguin Play Awards! 😉

So if you non-members spent money on memberships, it kinda went to waste.


There are also these cool signs around games that have a bonus feature if you have the item it is advertising.


The one above is inside the Ski Lodge. See if you can find the other 3 😉

Talking about the Ski Lodge, the NEW pin is at the Ski Lodge Attic;


Club Penguin have also changed the chat text.

It looked like crap before – Like basic text. Kinda like the font on this blog right now.

It now looks like this!:


It’s ALOT better and its a great change.

If I find out what the font is (I intend to!) I will let you know! 😀

That is just about all that happened today.

Check out the NEW sculptures for this week all over the island!

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– Mr Funguin




1. Laurenhs - March 27, 2009

Thnx for the pin tip!My little sister and i both have it now.But at the play awards my little sister can’t go backstage,pity. 😦

xMr Funguin © - March 27, 2009

You’re welcome…
Backstage is still closed – They still want money from members!!

2. Zipo7 - March 27, 2009

I told ya a minute ago in the last post, I was already in and out today. LOL

Got my top hat. I couldn’t wear it. But it was an ok pin as pins go. 😉

Couldn’t see the stage for the idiots who wouldn’t move off it and wouldn’t stop talking. All their chat boxes were in front of the pictures. Wow, are you observant or what? I didn’t even notice the text. I was too busy trying not to say any bad words while telling the idiots to get out of the way. XD I like fonts. I throw money in them and make a wish. HAHAHA! I did mention in the last post (yes I did…lol) that I liked all the new little game perks too.

Thanks xMr. F for all your great pictures and info. I will pay attention to the fonts from now on!!!

3. xMr Funguin © - March 27, 2009

Lol! xD
Make a wish… it won’t come true.
Mine never do anyway lol

4. Zipo7 - March 27, 2009

Be careful what you wish for…. it might come true. =)

On the other hand… I wish Ice wouldn’t quit, but I think he just did. 😦

A penny might have saved the day.

5. Cutie Birdie - March 28, 2009

You must really like the new font if you think it’s better than PIE! Because PIE is really awesome. It’s so awesome that you have to spell it in capital letters LOL.
-Cutie Birdie

6. :) - March 29, 2009

Guess what I was reading diary of a wimpy kid and looking at the text and it kinda looks like the book’s text i may be wrong:)

Cutie Birdie - March 30, 2009

It does look like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid text.

7. dippydippyd - March 29, 2009

Pie is better then the real text

8. Waddy - March 31, 2009

Hey Mr F! 😀

Just letting you know my blog’s up and running again 😉

Now my bro’s hooked on Club Penguin again.. after his penguin got banned for something he didn’t do, so he created a new one.. 😮

Anyway, see you soon!

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