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White Puffles are ready for adoption! March 6, 2009

Posted by Mr Funguin in ALERT.
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What a wonderful day it is today. The sky is blue, the grass is pink and there now a new colour puffle in Club Penguin.

Introducing the infamous -WHITE PUFFLE!

I have a very bad connection since yesterday (because the guys at my ISP decided they would do ‘light maintainance’) so I couldn’t log on to Club Penguin.

I did how ever Google and present to you pictures from a site that I have now lost the URL of.


The Adopt A Puffle catalog was changed when the White Puffle arrived, it now has alot more animation!

When you want to play with your white puffle, it will start Ice Skating with a Blue Puffle.


Finally, when you walk your white puffle a blank memory box will appear.


All text in red is text from and images from another site – and when I find the URL I will post a link/give credit.

The white puffle looks sweet and cuddly!

It is for members, so non-members –Β  I will try and fix that for one of you… πŸ˜‰

Anyway, Have Fun with the new white puffle!

– Mr Funguin

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1. Zipo7 - March 6, 2009

I was on yesterday and today. Sheer madness. Those white boxes above the anemic puffle is ice vapor. Yah, he has no blood pumping in his little anemic body.

I would indeed appreciate you pulling some strings for me and get me that little white puffle and some food for it too, and a litter box too. I won’t be able to take it for a walk so you know, when he has to go…he has to go. πŸ˜†

Now I am going to go see about this twitter, as I was on your other blog today. But I will go and check it out again cuz that is the type of person I am!

2. Cutie Birdie - March 6, 2009

Uhh, the grass is pink today? I noticed that right away. Well, white puffles are pretty cool. I hoped an orange one would come first, though.
-Cutie Birdie

3. xMr Funguin Β© - March 6, 2009

Zipo: I still need to post on my other blog! And I will take your puffle for a …. yes.

Cutie Birdie: Yes, the grass was pink where I was today. But really, no, I was seeing who actually pays attention to my posts or am I just posting to an empty audience?
Clearly my audience isn’t an empty one. πŸ˜€

4. Zipo7 - March 6, 2009

I saw the pink grass comment, but just figured you were smokin’ some of it. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Zipo7 - March 6, 2009

Oo…I will go to the other end of the block and see what you posted there. Say, thank you for walking my soon to be puffle that you and your ppl will get me. πŸ˜›

6. forevernothing - March 7, 2009

its actually a snowing cloud not a memory box

7. Waddy - March 7, 2009

Hey, that’s cool, but I’m not a member.. and have recently stopped playing for a short while. There’s not much you can do when you’re non member. 😦

Also, CP hasn’t really been working for lately. Every time I try to log on, it takes FOREVER to connect!!

8. the kid behind that wall - March 7, 2009

mr. f my birthday is coming up and im positive im getting membership cards do you want one?

9. Zipo7 - March 7, 2009

PPL aren’t reading again. LOL I said it was ice vapor not a comment box. CP loads slow when there is something going on. Everyone and their mother is there at one time!! πŸ˜†

10. Oilersmyth - March 7, 2009

Pink Grass??? I never knew there was PINK grass?? I think you made a mistake

11. sora273 - March 7, 2009
12. fvane5002k - March 7, 2009

Wow! That’s great! Nice post Mr Funguin. There is this really cool site that I’d like you to visit, it’s right here!http://*****.wordpress.com/ Please visit it, I’m trying to do a big favour to my friend without him knowing!

13. sony24dah - March 9, 2009

i thought i zebra one whould come… owweel
hey cp keeps on crashing down everytime i go… hackers probaly who will stop them?

14. mateo - March 17, 2009


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