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New Pin, New Clues, New-Hopper… February 27, 2009

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Please don’t tell me that Mrs Funguin actually posted the secret that I told her not to post yet. I will kill her if she did post it ¬¬. Lol.

Anyway Rockhopper has finally arrived and he brought a few items as usual.

Rockhoppers Rare Items

They brought back the chest, wall map and treasure map background!

Thankfully there is not hat, so lets be happy with the items that they have brought back instead 😉

White puffle has appeared on Rockhoppers notice board! I have circled it in red.

White Puffle Circled In Red!

Check it out!

Club Penguin are very clever and sneaky arent they?

White Puffle

They also added him in Puffle Roundup (at the pet shop)! Puffles are in this game so we can catch them and buy them. Maybe we are going to start to catch him so we can buy him…did that make sense?

Also don’t forget to get the O’ Berry Pin from the Ice Berg!


It relates to the White Puffle!

White Berries = Food for Puffles = White Puffle 😀

Aren’t we smart.

– Mr Funguin



1. Cutie Birdie - February 27, 2009

When purple puffles first came into Puffle Round Up I thought it was a glitch lol. Now I looked at that Rockhopper picture and I didn’t even notice that white puffle. But I did find the pin all by myself. 🙂
-Cutie Birdie

2. Zipo7 - February 28, 2009

White seems to be très chic! Thx for the great post. Also, on the items which Rockhopper brought, there is a secret item in it. In the wall map;check the last place on that map for a secret item to pop out. Surprise!

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