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ANOTHER HINT! January 7, 2009

Posted by Mr Funguin in Coming Up!, General Talk.
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Yet another hint is apon you to play around with. If you dont remember, or you’re mind is forgetful, the hints we are giving is for the mysterious page titled “????????” (Not permanant title)


The riddle is as follows:

19, 8 15 and 16 make 58


There may be more and more hints towards the release of that page! It depends on how easily we can come up with the riddles and hints without giving it all away at once.

We just want to think of loads of riddles/hints and throw them at you! But we’ll just keep thinking of them and store them in our heads.

I look forward in buying into your answers..

(Also check out the other new page called “Answered” It’s interesting.)

– Mr Funguin.



1. Hockeyboy284 - January 8, 2009

The answer is Mr Funguin.
Also.thanks for adding on to your buddy list.YOUR SITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Zipo7 - January 8, 2009

I think I will have to go the Dr. after this mind bender!!! It is worth it. This is great for the little gray cells. LOL

3. xMr Funguin © - January 8, 2009

Damn, I thought today was Friday and I posted about the stuff not being here. I am stupid ¬¬


There is actually many hints in this post and in the previous post.
We’re going to do alot of these until the page is open 😉

4. Zipo7 - January 8, 2009

ROFL…. so maybe you need a calendar after all!

Ok.. I will put on my biggest thinking cap!

5. Zipo7 - January 9, 2009

Something of a game show?

6. Funky Monkey - January 9, 2009


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