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“Smart Login” Theme December 23, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


I was going to log in to Club Penguin today, to check something, and I saw what seemed to be a new log in look!

Check it out!

New Smart Login

They call it the “Smart Login” theme and it’s said to be an old art friend’s idea.

It is called the “Smart Login” because, it allows the user to be notified of what is going on right now and compiles articles for newer members! It is also called so because of all the items fitted into one place.

It reminds of a DVD menu. Doesn’t it you? lol.

I have a hunch that the x-mas hat from near the logo will change dependant on the occation 😉


How many of you got your Christmas presents early?

What did you get?!

I don’t think I told you on this blog yet, but I got the Nintendo DS Lite as my early Christmas gift!

It’s Sweeeeeeeeet!

Check out my unboxing video of it on my YouTube channel –


Nintendo DS? New Page? Means one thing. I dont have a clue. Do you?

– Dont think I’ve forgotten about the Christmas thing. Drop by on the 25th of December for a suprize!


It’s THIS Friday!

Scroll down for details.

– Mr Funguin..



1. fvane5002k - December 24, 2008

Hi. I GOT EPF AND I GOT A BIG BOOK!! I’m getting them tomorrow on Christmas lol ( WHERE I AM!!!)

2. vleorapter - December 24, 2008

woah that is a gr8 early gift i wonder what your gifts r for chrismas?who knows???dun dun dunnn

3. cpbcshows - December 24, 2008

hey mr f WHATS THE XMAS THING???????!????????????

4. tripleh0884 - December 24, 2008

Hey Mr. Funguin! Its tripleh0884 here and i got epf as my early christmas gift which is awsome 🙂

5. Boo5001 - December 24, 2008


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