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Let’s see what Hopper-Rock brought us December 12, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Catalogues, Cheats, Chocolate, Club Penguin.
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Coins for Change started today and Hopper-Rock   RockHopper dropped by.

The free item that came with Coins For Change is last years Bell. Grab one from the Beach or from the Plaza. (Located on your map)

Grab a Bell from the Beach or from the Plaza

Please make sure you click the bucket? Is it a bucket? Click it to donate to 1 of 3 causes.Make sure you donate!

You can donate, 50, 150 or 200 coins!


Club Penguin has 1 Million Dollars and it’s up to us to determine how much of it will go where. The coins we donate will be withdrawn from the one million dollars and donated to one (OR ALL) of the 3 causes.

Coins for Change will be around from today until the 22nd of December. Keep Donating! You can donate more than once at anytime.


Rockhopper dropped by and his ship surely has 2 minds!

The Migrator

One half its Christmas-sy, and the other half its Coins for Change-y… didnt do too bad with the Member items he brought.

Here are the all the items he brought;


I like the Green Parrot and the Globe and the Banner. I want them all =(

I’m not a member right now so.. =) lol


The Non-Member item is the Red Sailers cap which I have been mourning for since I didnt get it.

I love that cap! lol. Now I will wait for the red t-shirt that goes with it 😉


There is a NEW Furniture Catalogue!

Its really sweet. Check it out.

Front Cover

There are 2 AWESOME cheats. Oki, they are not that awesome but here they are.

To find this item, click the Holly at the top left corner

To find this item, all you have to do is click the Holly. Its that simple.

For this item click the Velvet Rope

For this item click the Velvet Rope. Its that simple.

Please wipe your flippers after use.



Golden Puffle Stage

Its the return of the “Quest for the GOLDEN PUFFLE”

Its quite cool.

Inside the Stage

Check out all the above and tell me how it is, how Club Penguin should improve and blah.

I updated the sidebar and I made it a bit neater. I will continue to update the site.

Was there a noticable change in the way I have posted today?

Link: www.imagineaworld.wordpress.com

– Mr Funguin



1. xMr Funguin © - December 12, 2008

Coming soon to mrfunguin.net –
– A Q-&-A section (Not the page)
– Meebo More
– A Christmas Party! (and to celebrate something else…)

And Much More!

2. kokospi844 - December 12, 2008

mr.funguin congartulations on the DS and thanks for the infoooo

3. Digidave74 - December 13, 2008

You posted everything, lol.

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