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You Can’t log on to Club Penguin? November 19, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


So here’s the thing.

You can’t log on to Club Penguin?

We’ve all had the same problem here and we decided to ask Club Penguin – By Phone.

At my house, we have one of those phones that record your last phone call. We didnt find any use for it until today.

Using this feature We caught up with, Support Staff – Michelle from Club Penguin and we questioned her and replayed the call back to ourselves to let you in.


MICHELLE: Hello There I’m Michelle, how can I help you? (Or simular.)

US: Hello, I wonder if you could help me. I’m trying to log in to Club Penguin for quite some time now and I can’t seem to log in.

MICHELLE: Oh. Have you heard about the new Club Penguin game?

US: Yes.

MICHELLE: At the Dojo? Card-Jitsu? (She said Jitsu funny! She said Jetsu! Then she got it right)

US: Yes.

MICHELLE: Well, that idea was around since Club Penguin started and alot of penguins are probably logging on to become a ninja. Maybe you should wait a while?

US: Yea, I’ve been trying to log in since Monday and…(She cut in here…)

MICHELLE: Oh, what Kind of Browser have you got? (What doe’s she mean! A browser is a browser isnt it?

US: Internet Explorer 7.

MICHELLE: Okay, so do you know how to clear…(I cut in here 😛 I got her back)

US: Yes, I’ve done that.

MICHELLE: …clear your catche? Oh that didnt work?

US: No.

MICHELLE: Okay, Well maybe try logging on later on when the servers aren’t so busy and logging on with the “Suggested Servers”. Help Club Penguin along a bit by waiting! Some servers crashed a little while ago.

US: Oh…

MICHELLE: Are you on Club Penguin?

US: Yes, I’m on the Home Page.

MICHELLE: Try logging in now and tell me what you see.

US: Ok. (I begin to log in.) I’m on the Suggested Servers page.

MICHELLE: Okay, Log on with one of them.

US: Ok… Hang on…(The server = Frozen – Spinning wheel.) (2 Minutes later she replied)

MICHELLE: Is it on?

US: No, I see the spinning wheel just spinning…

MICHELLE: Okay, well try clearing your catche and logging in later. If you still can’t log in, call us again, we may have another soloution.

US: Ok, Thanks Bye.


US: Have a good day.

MICHELLE: Oh you too! Bye! (She hangs up.)


Did that answer your question?

Try what Michelle said in my phone call to her. Just don’t get angry and slam your moniter. Card-Jitsu isn’t going anywhere! It’s staying in the Dojo. Where it will belong for time to come!

Vote On Ze Poll :

– Mr Fun.



1. Club Penguin Cheats - November 20, 2008

I think I am one of the few who hasn’t had any problems logging in because I play during less popular times.

2. hlgs - November 21, 2008

Haha, that was a cool post. I voted the last option on the poll but that really did help even though I don’t have trouble logging in. Good job! 🙂


3. Redcowz - November 21, 2008

Hey Mr fun. I am making a project but i need entrants. Please check out the project on my site cuz u rock with graphics so i think you could enjoy it.

4. amp613 - November 21, 2008

ive had the same problem…

5. Detroit87 - November 21, 2008

So thats why people are getting
Visit my site please and
comment back


6. Digidave74 - November 22, 2008

I know! It sucks

7. taddle1 - November 22, 2008

I tried all the things in this and club penguin still will not load

8. abominable46 - November 28, 2008

the toll-free phone number is: 1-888-861-4111 😉

9. Sourlysweet - December 30, 2008

this sucks i cant even get on the server screen!

10. Matt Barnett - February 5, 2009

Me too! I leave my computer on for at least an hour and I STILL can’t get on!!!!!

11. mildew - February 8, 2009

and here too. been like this for months now. I give up

12. 1WILDWIND3 - February 15, 2009

me to that didnt help me because i dont know what a catche is

13. codeodd ~quit~ [[Jason M]] - February 23, 2009

the number helped alot thx abominable 😆

14. Karleen - April 10, 2009

When I tried to log in, it said ” There was an error.” And it won’t let me in! Can anybody explain why before I go beserk?!?!?!

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