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The Dojo is Complete! November 14, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


Mrs Funguin will be posting as of next week Friday!

Firstly they changed the question mark thing. It now looks like this:


I’m sorry, I had to cover up the Age… :mrgreen:

Its sweet! So now when you’re on Club Penguin for a while and on MSN, and your friend says “Lets go on CP”, You’ll be able to tell them the server you’re on.

You can also mute the music. Yay! Now I can listen to your own music without Club Penguin’s music blarring out too!

The Dojo is finally completed and there is a FREE item outside!gata1

You can pick up a pair of fancy Gata Slippers:

I wont show you how it looks outside, I’ll let you see it!

Here is the inside:




Make sure you wait for the countdown to finish cause you get to throw snowballs at GONG!

Yeah,..How exciting…

On Monday 17th November, the Sensei – or Su or short, will be the teacher to a new game called “Card-Jitsu”.

It is from this game that you can earn belts and become a Ninja.

You need the Club Penguin trading cards to take part and the Su has kindly given up some. He’ll give them on the 17th.

I heard that Club Penguin is going to add a feature in the game that will unlock a “golden” gadget…


Thats that part of the post over…I think.

Since the past 3 or 4 posts, I’ve been hinting something at you.

Have you picked it up yet?

Mrs Funguin won’t hint them at you because she’s not part of this.

I’ve given a BIG Hint on my YouTube channel. (Last Post)

This video asks the same question you’re probably asking yourselves:

Dont Forget: to CLICK HERE and to CLICK HERE!

– Mr Funguin.



1. Digidave74 - November 14, 2008

Cool. Lol. Great topic.

2. xMr Funguin © - November 14, 2008


I posted now anyway!

Ooooo….How old am I on Club Penguin?
Is that a Hint?

3. coolzone - November 15, 2008

you spelled geta worng it is spelled geta

4. Digidave74 - November 15, 2008

… and 90?

5. xMr Funguin © - November 15, 2008

I know I spelt it wrong. At the time, I was logged off Club Penguin and I asked my brother how to spell it and he said “G-A-T-A”


Digidave: ‘Something’ 90…

6. vleorapter - November 16, 2008

390 or 890

7. Redcowz - November 17, 2008

Love your header!

8. pinkypie282 - November 17, 2008

why did u cover it up?

9. xMr Funguin © - November 17, 2008

Thanks Redcowz!

Pinkiepie: I dont know…It’s a Hint. But I now think its a stupid idea.

10. NinjaPigz - November 19, 2008

ur 390 days old in that pic

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