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MODERATORS NEEDED! November 5, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


I am looking for 2 moderators who think they can handle the hustle and bustle of Sledge Mountain!

Im looking for;

  • A Trustable person. A person that wont say “I’ll do it!” and then wreak everything.
  • Reliability – You need to be reliable.
  • A person who spends more time on the computer. For example, if you are allowed 30 minutes on the PC, you’d use 10 minutes to moderate the forum.
  • A person who doesnt just do the job then lack slowly…

If you think YOU are up for the challenge, then go to;

www.sledgemountain.forumotion.com , Sign Up/Register, get involved in the community and then I will PM you to ask you if you want to be a Moderator.

I will then see who is most active and then pick one person…I will tell them via PM and them tell the whole forum.

– Mr F



1. detroit87 - November 5, 2008

Now that is cool!

2. Peterbudaj - November 5, 2008

I’ll do it.
I’m on my laptop A LOT and my blog never really got popular and i’ve been looking for a good admin position ever since I closed it. I blogged alot about club penguin news but never got popular enough to keep on doing it. So please consider me for a new mod.

3. Pinkypie383 - November 6, 2008

Il do it. im on the compuer 24/7 and im trusworthy and friendly 🙂 i go on the fourms alot now also.

4. Redcowz - November 6, 2008

Sorry, but i am now really up for it. I am on the computer a lot but I really can’t. i am sorry. You rock!

5. amp613 - November 6, 2008

i luv this site! but sadly i havent the time to work on a third site:[

6. Digidave74 - November 8, 2008


I’m already a moderator, but we need people who can handle themselves and make the forums alive.

7. Pinkypie383 - November 10, 2008

I would make the fourms alive 🙂

8. jonkers4me2 - November 23, 2008

i read your website and saw that you were looking for two moderators. i am very able to do it. i will be very grateful if i get the job and i will dedicate all my videos on youtube to you. my username is jonkers4me2 and pass poi??? i will tell u the rest if i get the job.jonkers4me2

9. alex - November 30, 2008

hi am alex ill doit i love being a monerster

10. eoghan - December 8, 2008

I wanna become a mod plzzzzzzzz

11. Alex. - December 20, 2008

i want to becom a mod i am on my pc all toghter i have already 60k hr on my pc.
i can play alot on my pc in day lats say when no school about 10 to 15 hr a day. and if school about 6 to 5 hr a day.
well thank you my email/msn is pilot.berry@Hotmail.com
add me pleases thank you.

alex - March 15, 2010

what i meant is
it has been like 9 years since i got a pc
so it has been around 65k now

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