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Sh-ecret Sh-tuf! November 4, 2008

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Before I continue, I just want to clarify why Mrs F hasnt been posting for ages. Well, I can’t name the reason but most of you will be going what she is doing. Mainly the girls…Clue there… Some of you might be too young too know, but just wait. I don’t actually know the reason why she told me lol.

Okay, Now we will log on to Club Penguin.

If you didnt know, or you forgot, you go to – play.clubpenguin.com and sign in with your penguin.

Click the MAP in the right hand corner and you will see this:

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

They changed the Map design! I think it looks better. I like how it ‘moves’ towards you…

You’ll notice that the Dojo is more viewable than usual. When you move your mouse over it, the name appears of the Dojo! Its not much of a secret room now. 😦 It was better when it was right?

Go inside the Dojo and you’ll see…

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

It was the storm that blew in. It ruined the highness of the place.

Anyway, At least you get a hat. I have that hat…I bet you have it too ¬¬

You can go OUTSIDE the Dojo and you’ll see…

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

…RUBBISH! The snow has collected and made a pile.
Whats more interesting that there is a sweeper and he’s the ONLY penguin with a different hat, clothes, penguin colour, and spade than us.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

His name is: ???????????

I think its got something to do with the Ninja sightings in the Dojo.
He might be a trainer than trains penguins into Ninjas! And when the snow is cleared, the space will be used as a place to be Ninjas!

Finally we get to be Ninjas! Oop, Careful Mr Funguin, you might Jinx the whole thing…
Disney/Club Penguin, you are once tricky group! 😛

So what do you think?

Whats your Theory?

Is Club Penguin pulling our leg or are Ninjas finally coming to Club Penguin Island?!

Do I know more than what I’ve told you?

Is Club Penguin due to launch ice…. Wait, I was going to give something away…. 😛 DAMN!!!

I shouldnt … Should I?

– Mr Funguin…



1. vleorapter - November 5, 2008

i think i know what she is going thru….

2. flatoe - November 5, 2008

Oh, the p thing. I’m glad im not a girl.

3. flatoe - November 5, 2008

Also, I can help post here. 😀

4. sony24dah - November 5, 2008

mr.funguin,also when u click around the yellow black thingy paper on bthe side of the dojo a ninja flying shadow appers
ur welcome

5. equigirl - November 27, 2008

‘mainly’ the girls go through it? you mean some boys go through it too? lol

Mr Funguin Says: Nooo! lol

6. Helen - December 27, 2008

Hi, Mr Funguin!
I sure was looking for some good secrets.
Your website is so AWESOME that I would like to know how you created this website.
Anyways, have you ever heard of “Freeze Penguin Island” where penguin’s heads are thin and it’s really different from club penguin.
How do you get there?

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