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Halloween Party… October 29, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Club Penguin, Events, Parties, PARTY TIME!.

EDIT: Don’t forget the MY Halloween Party is


Click here to jump to the invite.



I didnt think there was an update today. I thought the party started on Friday so thats why I let Mrs F Post yesterday! Anyway, lets see….


Today is the spooky Halloween Party!

There’s nothing wrong with your screens, the Party flashes and things as the Lighting flashes. Spooky eh?


You read that right, there is another hunt! Did you find the Candy? You didnt?!

Okay, Lets find it together.

First of all, If you havnt got last years one, go to the Snow Forts and get the “Bucket ‘O’ Fun”!

Get the Jack O Lantern bucket from the Snow Forts!
Get the Jack O Lantern bucket from the Snow Forts!
Now we will get the candy – IN ORDER!
CLUE: Here’s a treat you can tag, when you lower a blue flag.
This candy is at the SNOW FORTS:
CLUE: This candy treat is out of sight, above the dancing in a light.
This candy is at the DANCE LOUNGE:
CLUE: Beside three candles lit a flame, inside a blue box by a competitive game.
This candy is at the SKI LODGE ATTIC:
CLUE: Bubble bubble toil and trouble, we’ll have candy stew on the double.
This candy is at the PLAZA:
CLUE: This treat can swim just fine, but then it read the red warning sign.
This candy is at the COVE:
CLUE: You’ll see this candy from afar, among the colours in the stars.
This candy is at the ICEBERG:
CLUE: On a tower way up high, wait for three flashes in the sky.
This candy is at the LIGHTHOUSE BEACON:
CLUE: Find this treat in a book to end the game, whats the secret of the Emerald flame?
This candy is at the BOOK ROOM:
Ah yes. What an interesting addtion to your ever expanding collection of wonderful backgrounds!
Anyway, atleast it wasnt something we already had 😛
Are you a member? You’re in luck.
Head over to the BOOK ROOM and click on the Green/Emerald flame on the candle. This will trigger a something…Which will open a secret entrance!
BUT have you got the item they want you to wear?
When you get in you will see a room. I wont show it because its better to see it yourself!
Members can get a FREE Lantern to add to their inventory.
This party rocks doesnt it 😉
– Mr Funguin


1. Digidave74 - October 29, 2008

Cool post

2. Digidave74 - October 29, 2008

Im not a member though. 😦

3. bob - October 29, 2008

i hate y u cant go in the room if ur not a member! there like being resict!i HATE the club penguin owners! if i could i would deck them in there face!

4. Waddy - October 31, 2008

Lol cool party! Except my membership just ended like 2 days ago 😦

They should have brought out some new items!! Instead of the same trick or treating basket.. zzz

Aww free lantern! 😛

5. Digidave74 - October 31, 2008

I think the item shouldnt have been a background.

Members on some occasions get secret rooms, why not non-members?
I’m so angry I think they should do a secter room for non-members.

6. Kyle Cease - October 31, 2008

Why was my website linked from here!?!?!??

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