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Sledge Mountain – Join the Community! October 28, 2008

Posted by Mrs Funguin X in General Talk.


We didnt know what to post about so I had a SMASHING idea to post about this.


The forum we had set up a while ago.

We had planned to have fun things going on over there, but then the forum… DIED.

I mean, no one logged in anymore, posted or visited. No one even Joined! =D

So I thought we should refresh the blog a bit and remind you that that forum is still there.

It gets less than 2 views a day, but its still there.


Visit, Join, and Have fun. Most of all – Join the Community!


Don’t forget to keep visiting Mr Funguin’s REAL LIFE blog!

www.imagineaworld.wordpress.com !

He’s planned something on that blog for Halloween this Friday! Its so secret even I dont know what it is…Or do I?… I think I do. Maybe I do? 😀

Anyway, Keep  visiting his blog, this blog and all the other blogs, and don’t forget to join the Community!

– Mrs Funguin



1. Digidave74 - October 29, 2008

I’m gonna go on the forums!

2. Digidave74 - October 29, 2008

And don’t miss Mr Funguin’s party;

Date: Friday 31st October
Time: 12:00pm PST
Server: Thermal
Place: Dojo

Mrs Fun’s Blabber: Oh yea, Thanks for reminding us 😳

3. cristiano - December 14, 2008

i wont play in ingland clobs

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