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Halloween Party Time! October 20, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


Guess what?

In about 2 weeks time its Halloween!

So what a better way to celebrate than with Mr Funguin!

I am holding an annual party for the 31st of October and here is the invite:

See if you can find the hidden links on the invite.

Be there or I will DRINK YOUR BLOOD…

Need more information? Just comment and Ill answer.

Can you make it? Tell me on this poll:

If you have nothing else to do on the 30th of October, heres something you can look forward to.

On the 30th of October I will post something crazi on www.imagineaworld.wordpress.com

What is it? You’ll have to ‘tune’ in to find out!!

– Mr Funguin….



1. tripleh0884 - October 20, 2008

What time is the party at in penguin standard time?

2. sony24dah - October 21, 2008

is at at 12 midnight??

3. vleorapter - October 21, 2008

something is going to pop out like last year…

4. Digidave74 - October 21, 2008

Mr Funguin, I might be about 20 mins late.
I’ll try to come earlier.

So will it be 8.00pm in Britain?

Mr Funguin Says: Yea..

5. Pinkypie383 - October 21, 2008

whats the time? it says its 0:00 pm. is that a time in uk or somthing?

Mr Funguin Says: Penguin Standard = http://community.clubpenguin.com/

6. [Mr] Funguin © - October 21, 2008

Okay Guys,

12:00 PM PST

You can view the time here: http://community.clubpenguin.com/

Keep checking that page, TODAY, until the time on the invite to see the time in your time zone, so that when the day comes, you know the time.

7. Pinkypie383 - October 21, 2008

ohh i cant go 😦 i have school till 3:05 pst

8. sony24dah - October 21, 2008

i new it!!!!

9. sony24dah - October 22, 2008

cant go getting out of school

10. MrPenguin94 - October 22, 2008

My new CP blog is…: http://dapenguinclub.wordpress.com

11. Redcowz - October 23, 2008

Mr fun can i be added to this blogroll?

12. Redcowz - October 24, 2008

You added me to your blogroll here. I am so honored! Cool i will add you to my blogroll.

13. boopy12345 - October 24, 2008

Hmm.. I’ll try to make it.

14. hazza96 - October 24, 2008

i cant make i will be out getting sweats!

15. Halloween Party… « Mr Funguins Club Penguin Cheats! - October 30, 2008

[…] Click here to jump to the invite. […]

16. Rock n' Roll - October 31, 2008

Idk if i can make it becuz CMON!!!!! WHY IN THE WORLD DID U CHOOSE IT TO BE AT 00:00?????????????????? Shoot!!!! i really reall really REALLY want to go but that time is INSANE! :@ :@ :@ :@

17. Digidave74 - October 31, 2008

He is British you know.

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