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I called Club Penguin and… September 29, 2008

Posted by Mrs Funguin X in General Talk.


Its been ages since I last talked to you! I’ve been a little busy with some homework.

Since yesterday I got away from my homework and I did some research for you and me.

I called up Club Penguin on their UK telephone number and asked them some questions, and I gladly found the answers to share.

Mr Funguin recieved an email from Billybob (Or friend) telling him that this blog is great and he loves it, and blah… Most the players like you should have gotten one too.

I got one myself and it differed from Mr Funguin’s. Anyway, I thought It was a fake. A kid making a fake email and pretending to be my mate. I called up Club Penguin in regards to this email.

They verified this as GENUINE.

“Sarah” said that this is just one of the few new things that are coming up – Email notifications!

Check your inbox now to see if you got one 😉


For my next question, I wanted to find out if the Plush Toys were US based or will they go global.

“Andrew” said that its US based and as the months go on, they will be available in the UK then global. Since there is a UK HQ in the UK. He also said that this is just a plan for now, and that the operators themselves havn’t had a full meeting about this yet. They know as much as we do.


I am PROUD to annouce that ‘Mr Funguin’s CP Cheats’ is just one the few blogs that have verified the above email as a genuine and we possibly can. No other blog has done this.

Thank you for sticking with us, and as things happen on Club Penguin, and they puzzle you and me – we will call Club Penguin, ask them questions and post the answer here. Isnt that cool?

Its a FREE-Phone number so It wont affect the call bill 😛

See? Stick with us and you’ll get the latest news fast!

Oh and Mr Funguin says to visit his blog:

www.imagineaworld.wordpress.com – There’s an unusual question to answer. But what is the question?

– Mrs Funguin.



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Great Going!

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