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Get a Grip and Fall Fair September 26, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.

Firstly, I want to say a BIG thank you to the IDIOTS who think its cool to swear at me and write rude comments on this blog.

Yes I am talking to a bunch of idiots and Yes I am angry and NO ONE has ever seen me this angry. Maybe once or twice in real life but not this angry. In real life, I get angry but not this much. When I get angry at you, I stay angry with you until I want to be you friend. If by then, you aren’t my friend – It doesnt make a difference. I’ve NEVER shown my anger on this blog ever.

To the people who didnt do anything, I’m sorry that you have to read that, but its not something I don’t easily let go of.

This week I’ve had comments saying the ‘F’ Word, sexual words and any other kind of rude words, and I’m not joking. I’ve deleted the worst ones, I think Waddy can go into the Spam comments folder and verify that I’m telling the truth about the sick ones.

Its… AURGHHHH. Its so bad, I can’t show you a picture.

Go to the Just Ask page for one comment that was offensive to me. 😦

Stop wasting YOUR time and acting like idiots, and stop wasting my time.

If you’re like this on my blog then I’d dread to think what you’re like in real life.



The fall fair is here and it doesnt rock as the last one.

You can earn tickets to buy items from the booth at the Forest.

There are 2 pins and the locations are displayed on the widget on the right >>

The quicket way of earning tickets is by playing Puffle Paddle.

Grab and Spin will give you lots if you are on a Winning Streak.

There are more games, but I wont spoil their location!

Find them, Play them, Win them, Have fun with them!

– Mr Funguin.



1. [Mr] Funguin © - September 26, 2008


2. Digidave74 - September 26, 2008

I wasn’t one of them.

Those people out there think they’re so hard.
But they don’t realise they’re the ones who are the babies.

I feel so sorry for you.

3. [Mr] Funguin © - September 26, 2008

I feel much better by letting it out 😉

4. aweiy - September 27, 2008

there are some dum people in the world

5. Digidave74 - September 27, 2008

You can get if off your chest now. 😀

6. Waddy - September 27, 2008

Wow, I hate people that swear for nothing… I can’t check the spam comments, but I surely believe you. Digidave’s right. I agree with you.

And whoa, I’ve never seen you this mad. Haha. =|

7. garybob - September 27, 2008

i dont get that password protected part at the top whats the password?

8. garybob - September 27, 2008

i know a cheat go on grab and spin spin it 1 time then press tab till it goes to exit game hold down enter for agez and you get loads of tikets!

P.S. Mr funguin why r u a guest

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