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Sport Madness, or Penguinlympics? August 24, 2008

Posted by Waddle3773 in Uncategorized.

Hey guys!

It’s Waddle3773… I just thought I might post the latest updates.. Hope it’s alright with you Mr Funguin.

Anyway, the Sports Games are here!

Firstly, the free items. Yes, as usual, we have face paint.

The Coffee Shop is the official base for team RED!

 <RED Face Paint in Coffee Shop.

The Pizza Parlour is the official base for team BLUE!

 <BLUE Face Paint in Pizza Parlour.

Now we have the games. It’s mostly about lighting the lights. While racing at the same time.

Check it out on Club Penguin! Finish all the races to get your prize!

Which team do you go for? I’m a fan of Blue! Blue all the way! Yeahhh!

 See ya soon!

   – Waddy



1. Digidave74 - August 25, 2008

Lol. Funny pic at the pizza parlor.

2. Ninja boy1 - August 25, 2008

HEY, I mquitting Cp in december too!

3. [Mr] Funguin © - August 25, 2008


I forgot you were an author on my blog.

4. Gary Bob - August 26, 2008

lol i got all that as soon as it came out!

5. Pinkypie383 - August 26, 2008

Hi mr fun! Guesss what! I made a new penguin and i named it Mrs.Funbun!! lol!!

6. kippy2000 - August 27, 2008

Mr. Funguin…REMEMBER ME? Kippy2000? We are buddies!
you may not remember me. 😦
Well, I have made a blog of my own but it is no way near as cool as yours!
Please go on it and leave a comment: http://kippy2000sworld.wordpress.com/

7. Waddy - August 28, 2008

Haha I’ll always be here.

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