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WE NEED YOUR HELP! August 16, 2008

Posted by Mrs Funguin X in Uncategorized.


Yea we need your help!

A while back we had a forum – www.mrfunguin.forumotion.com

That was a FANTASTIC forum! But right now its nearly dead. I mean no one posts anymore. Its just Digidave74 and Mr Funguin who post. I occationally post.

We thought through this and made a better and newer forum.

Now we’ve learnt how to manage a forum, we think we can do it!

We need your help in this matter.



Please register and become a member of the community.

We are looking for moderators and such.

It may just be the place where we organise secret parties and membership contests, that wont be posted on this blog!

Please, please, please register!

I know you will love it!

It looks incomplete right now but we’re working on it. We want a domain to go with it too.

If you have ideas, or pictures or anything at all that will help us change the look of the forum, please drop a comment.

We really want this forum to work so much, and its down to you!

So what do you say?

I mean yeah, its up to you. We cant force you.

– Mrs Funguin –
– The passionate Funguin –


1. Wendell2014 - August 16, 2008

hi does mr funguin have a username thats mr funguin 2? cuz if he did i met him i was gail alyce

2. Digidave74 - August 17, 2008

Hey, I’m back from my holiday!

Mr Funguin Says: Yay!

3. [Mr] Funguin © - August 17, 2008

Wendell2014: I dont have another penguin. Just “Mr Funguin”.

4. Wendell2014 - August 18, 2008

oh ok i thought i met you 😦 oh well

5. hlgs - August 18, 2008

Hey Mr Funguin, can u add me to ur blogroll? if u do, i’ll add u one mine. Here’s my site: http://hlgs.wordpress.com comment back if u want to or not.

Mr Funguin Says: Sorry no, But why not try the page above called “Blog-Quote”

6. Digidave74 - August 18, 2008

I’ll still be posting on the forums.

7. Ninja boy1 - August 18, 2008

cpvillage was m y forum before

8. Gary bob - August 18, 2008

me too

9. MrPenguin94 - August 18, 2008

when is my header going 2 b done?????

❤ Mr Penguin94

Mr Funguin Says: I need to talk to you, and since AIM isnt working, I’ll use Meebo.com.

10. Waddy - August 19, 2008

Woot! I just registered! It’s gonna rock!!

11. gary bob - August 19, 2008

i registered too and its cool and how do you change your avatar?

12. Digidave74 - August 19, 2008

The Village has just been turned into a city, lol.

13. Digidave74 - August 20, 2008

The club penguin village is loading for me.

14. Digidave74 - August 20, 2008

I mean isnt.

15. clubben1000 - July 8, 2010

if you go to my website http://www.clubben.wordpress.com you will know my penguin name is mr funguin on clubpenguin my username was enspired bye clubpengunin.

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