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Party Snaps! August 6, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Club Penguin, Events, General Talk, Parties, PARTY TIME!.
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The DISCO PARTY was today and it rocked!

I was there 15 minutes before the time itself. In total, I was ther for 1 hour and 25 Minutes.

At the end I had to rush off 😦 I wanted to go back to my igloo at the end and say “Bye” but I had to do something. Sorry for that.

Anyway, Here are the Party Snaps that I took at the party. Dont ask why its not a video – Long story.

If you filmed it, please drop a link to the vid 🙂


First we rocked the iceberg! We chatted and met eachother.

The bunch got bigger – It didnt last too long.

Then we went to sled race! I was loosing most the time. Its was because I was taking pics!

After that, We played went to the Cove – Roasted marshmallows – Yummy!

Then we went to the Pizza Parlour. There was a Robbery :O

After that it was time for another game. Find Four!

Here is a cool animation I made.

Find Four went on for a bit and then we went to my place!

After the Igloo Disco, we went over to the night club!

Finally we went to play Mancala. Such a long and boring game lol. I enjoyed it though.


That was today’s Disco Party and it sure rocked!

Thank you for coming!

I know that it was either too early or too late for some of you. Next time, I will plan the party properly.

If you werent there – you missed a great evening! (Evening for me.)

But dont worry. There will be another soon.

Again, if you made a movie, or took pictures, leave a link in the comments box, I’d love to look at them!

Chido Quique made this cool collage! Check it out!!!

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
www.chidoquique.com ^

Thanks Chido!

P.S: Dont forget: www.imagineaworld.wordpress.com

– Mr Funguin –



1. ourteamgreen - August 6, 2008

Im on my name is ourteamgreen I am ur buddy

2. ~Chido Quique~ - August 6, 2008

Thanks for putting the collage 😉

3. sweatyangel - August 6, 2008

woh i was at the party. but i was tooooo late.

4. ~Chido Quique~ - August 6, 2008
5. ~(-Jordan-)~ - August 6, 2008


You cut me out of the picture, lol
I said hey mr fun.

6. www.Tootsville.com - August 6, 2008


7. stephanie - August 6, 2008

i couldent go i was wakeing up

8. ~Chido Quique~ - August 7, 2008

Mr Fun, heres the collage

9. [Mr] Funguin © - August 7, 2008


10. ~Chido Quique~ - August 7, 2008

Are you putting it up there or not 🙄

11. gary bob - August 8, 2008

remember me your first party member well i was sad that i could only stay till the sled race but lets meet up some time this month and party but maybe a bit earlyer lol and please comment back ill be waiting

12. ourteamgreen - August 8, 2008

Remember me? I was one of the few people you played manacla with. Im also ur buddy! P.S. You are a good freind!

13. [Mr] Funguin © - August 8, 2008

Of course I remember you both!

14. gary bob - August 9, 2008

lol mr funguin wen will you be online next and do you know were to find rockhopper

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