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Summer Disco! July 30, 2008

Posted by Mrs Funguin X in Events, Parties, PARTY TIME!.


Its my turn to post today. I havnt posted in a long while!

There were some exams just before the Holidays and I got a bit over worked lol.

Anyway, Some of you may be free from schools for many weeks, others may not!

To celebrate the school holidays we are throwing a party. Actually, Mr F is.

Clear a space in your diaries for the Summer Disco!

Here are all the details you need.

Tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends, because boys and girls – Mr Funguin is coming to town.

I wont be coming to this party because I’ve got a bit on my plate to handle it. I might come to the next one.

I dont think I’ve ever seen an invite quite like that one! It rocks! I didnt make it.

– Notes:

– Make sure you’re on time. If Mr Funguin isnt there, wait around a bit, theres plenty of time.

– Have fun there too.

– Mr Funguin will try to add you to his buddy list. Its mostly full. I’ll get him to empty it =P

Thats all for today, The next post will be here on Friday.

– Mrs Funguin –

One of a kind…



1. MrPenguin94 - July 30, 2008

I might not be able to make it because I will be at the beach… I will have my laptop, but I might not be there to go on… IF YOU TAKE PEOPLE OF THE LIST, PLEASE DON’T TAKE ME OFF PLEASE!!!! THANK-YOU!

2. stephanie - July 30, 2008

ill be there!

3. stephanie - July 30, 2008

my penguin is sony24dah put me on da list!

4. tren56 - July 31, 2008

nice site! check out mine and comment!

5. Pinkypie383 - July 31, 2008

Cool ill defidently be there

6. razpuff - July 31, 2008

I will be there

7. ~Chido Quique~ - July 31, 2008

dont take me off pls
i MIGHT be there

8. Oiler - July 31, 2008

i will be there for sure, thanks, and can you please let me advertise this post on my site?

9. thepenguinzz - August 1, 2008

Wohho, Cool, I’ll be there. I have posted about it on my site, as well.
Nice invitation. LOL

10. Digidave74 - August 1, 2008

I’m on holiday! 😦

11. lolli - August 2, 2008

hey thx sounds kool

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