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Just imagine my world. What’s it like? July 24, 2008

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If you have been wondering why Mrs Funguin hasnt been posting, well its because she just gave her exams last week (We all did) and do to a reason she can’t. She’ll be posting soon. 🙂

Todays post is really interesting but first let me update you with Club Penguin.

BillyBob posted a picture on the CP Blog:


Its a level update to an exsisting game. I believe its Aqua Grabber. It seems to me its a Green Puffle…His mouth is bloated up like its loosing air! Also the newspaper talks about Aqua Grabber being updated by the end of the month.

The Music Jam party is going to ROCK Club Penguin tommorow! And so will the new game! Find it at the Night Club.


The Other News…:

I posted about this on my last post I think? Anyway;

I have a new – real life blog!


Its where I will be posting the pictures that I took from my outing.

More Info there.

Keep reading your other favourite REAL LIFE blog –


– Mr Funguin –




1. Digidave74 - July 25, 2008


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