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Contest + Fever July 22, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Club Penguin, General Talk, Treats.


Club Penguin’s NEW game is coming this Friday and a picture that they posted on the CP blog looked like this:


Something on the Picture caused a little stir… That cause was down to the Word ‘Fever’ on the Image.

Everyone says its ‘Fever the Penguin’ Or Screenhog is Fever.

Incorrect. Fever is a Genre of Music, Like Rock, Limbo, Classic, Jazz etc.

So you must check out the game, and come back and tell me that I am right ^^ .

I rest my case.

I believe that the game will be called Mix Master.

Back to the contest:




I have a newer blog.

Its called: Imagine A World.


I’d Like it if you’d visit it.

– Mr Funguin.



1. ~(-Jordan-)~ - July 22, 2008

(14 – 80)

Ok, my numbers are:

I hope I win! 🙂

2. darthalex - July 22, 2008

Not a list!
5 Numbers!


3. darthalex - July 22, 2008

60 56 23 38 49

4. darthalex - July 22, 2008

29 2255 59 44

5. darthalex - July 22, 2008


Ok i`m done here.
I`ll check out the results next week, see you later.

6. pengsworld - July 22, 2008


Hope I win 😉

7. dembikova - July 22, 2008


8. flatoe - July 22, 2008

18, 60, 55, 43, 31

9. ♥aNiMaLlUvEr♥ - July 22, 2008

😮 I wanna win the membership!!! its notfair!!! :(:(:(

im practically CRYING!!!\


10. webkinzfan123 - July 22, 2008


11. darthalex - July 23, 2008

HEY! I wrote more than two comments! Post my other comments, too!!!

12. Digidave74 - July 23, 2008


I just do random numbers.

13. pengsworld - July 23, 2008

1 comment per person.

So how come darthalex get the numbers twice.

Mr Funguin Says: One of his comments had a long list of numbers.

14. webkinzfan123 - July 24, 2008

Umm whats point of the contest if we cant even say numbers? this is retarded!

Mr Funguin Says: YOU CAN say numbers but I blanked them out so its no cheating or copying…Its moved on to the page above.

15. chido quique on a different pc - July 24, 2008

where are the results of the drawing igloo contest!!!! where are the answers??

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