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Make Way For The Decks! July 18, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Club Penguin, General Talk, Parties, PARTY TIME!.


Mrs F here!

Well Today theres been a little clearout at the NightClub.

Just look at it all!

This is all good news. They are making a new game there!

Its a musical game too.

Next week theres a party.

I think its about music too! Lol.

There is a new pin:

As well as this there is a NEW furniture catalogue.


For the Guitar stand click the upright piano.

For the Flower Planter click the palm tree

For the clam click the sea-weed.

Thats all we found. Did you find anymore?


From the time Club Penguin started CPIP there was a thing about egg timers. Where your parents can choose the time you spend on the game.

They launched it this week and heres what happens wen time’s up:

I think that not many people will use it. I mean come on, will you ask your parents to set a time for you?

The CPIP blog is closing down for a it as its all over! It will be gone by wednesday 😦

– Mrs Funguin.



1. ♥aNiMaLlUvEr♥ - July 18, 2008

when are you posting the winners of the membership contest?????

2. ~Chido Quique~ - July 18, 2008

did the membership contest ended????
comment backk
i want 2 win
chido quique
dancee it upp ❤

3. [Mr] Funguin © - July 18, 2008

You guys will find your answers on the next post.

4. Digidave74 - July 19, 2008

Looks like the DJ’s have been given a break.

5. ...Enricom... - July 19, 2008


6. ~Chido Quique~ - July 19, 2008

Cool! I cant wait 4 the next post
chido quique
dancee it upp ❤

7. jomo1998 - July 19, 2008

i know another furniture catalog cheat for the vegtable garden click the coffee shop tree

8. jamiegirl - July 20, 2008

i went away for a week and nothings STILL here post it ALREADY PLEASE!!!

9. [Mr] Funguin © - July 21, 2008

Aurgh! If I had posted I would have posted everything!

Mrs F, you dont know how to post!!!

10. ...Enricom... - July 22, 2008

The egg timer sucks lol

11. lolli - July 23, 2008

smash the freakin egg timers
L8r l\lolli and rynozodiac

12. ange1998 - August 13, 2008

lol egg timers?! NO WAY!! oooohh maybe… coz if i wont spend my time on cp il spend it on youtube lol

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