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What are you doing this Summer? July 2, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Events, General Talk.


I dont post the newspaper, and as its going to come out 2morrow, and I wasnt going to post, I thought it would be best to post something today to keep you happy :D.

Its Summer where I am! The UK! Its not too hot…It just rained lol. I have a little question for you…

What are you doing this summer?
(Summer, According to your country.)

Will you be:

Falling from great heights?;

Spinning around in circles?;

Staying in, watching telly?; (Ignore the guy selling it)

Text messaging your mates?;

Or…Will you be visiting my blog!?

So, What are you doing this summer? I’d love to know.

This question will be featured in tommorows poll too.

– Mr Funguin.



1. "Mr,, Funguin © - July 2, 2008

What are you going to do?
Even if its Autumn/Winter/Spring where you are, I’d still love to know!

I’m going to do a bit of all from the above! Hehe!

Also keep visiting:
http://www.lifesizebites.wordpress.com – Its just another real life blog.

2. Digidave74 - July 3, 2008

Erm, I would be visiting your blog, but you forgot one thing that you can do, PARTY!

3. ...Enricom... - July 3, 2008

I’ll be visiting ur site =P

4. kimba - July 4, 2008

I will be doing nuthing!
Going to london…..
Can i either be admin or on ure blogroll>?>?????

5. ange1998 - August 13, 2008

hmph…. that drop ride vid (the first one)…. the hight wasnt so high i mean iv been on higher…. JUST TODAY! and last year lol jeez i miss dreamworld alreadi! and i jus came home from it

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