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Rocky & Sporty! June 27, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Catalogues, Club Penguin, Events, Rockhopper!.


I know I posted this late but as least I’m posting it now!

Rockhopper docked at the Beach as usual and he brought some interesting Items.

Want to see them?

Ok, here I am and here they are…


He brought 3 Old items back.

I mean come on! Disney, What are they doing there!!

Oh well. Next time they do this I will not be responsible for my actions! I’ll email CP next time! Muhahaha! (Not to drastic…)

Next – There is a NEW Sports Catalogue. Suprisingly there arnt many nice items.

Sports Catalogue

The Rugby Ball is called a…FootBall…The Soccer ball is a football isnt it?

Is that American? If so, tell me! I’m Puzzled!

And thats all.

Mrs Funguin is gonna post the next post.

– Waddle On Around The Mountain –

– Mr Funguin –



1. "Mr,, Funguin © - June 27, 2008

The items – Good/Bad? Word/Turd?

Can anyone answer my Rugby ball question?

2. jls09 - June 28, 2008

in America soccer is your football and foot ball is your rigby ball. Disney is American so they did it that way

3. Digidave74 - June 28, 2008

Yep, me.
A rugby ball is an american football.
A soccer ball is a football.

But american football have a few different rules than rugby.
And a american football is brown and white, but a rugby ball is white.

4. Waddle3773™ - June 28, 2008

Hmm.. Rugby Ball.. I think that’s right.

Football is like an oval shaped ball thingy, rugby ball is American… and a Soccer Ball is a circle shape ball.

So.. yes, sorry to say, but Club Penguin is.. right.. Right? :S

Well atleast over here we call a Soccer Ball a soccer ball. And a Footy a footy!

5. "Mr,, Funguin © - June 28, 2008

Thanks to everyone for their help 😀

Here the Football is called A Rugby Ball, and the Soccer Ball is called a FoorBall….lol…

6. Jbl44 - June 28, 2008

Thats an american football. The best sport on earth =)
You should try it and see what it is sometimes.

Comment back

7. sony24dah - June 28, 2008

ps mr funguin click the soccer ball for the clates please give criedt to me…

8. Maria - April 22, 2009

Actually, the american football and the rugby ball are slightly different, both in shape and size. The rugby ball is larger, but not as “fat” in the middle. The american football is smaller, I suppose so you can grab it and throw it with one hand.

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