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Water Party!! June 13, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Club Penguin, General Talk, New Stage, Parties, PARTY TIME!.

**Update – NEW Poll >>**

Just to quickly remind you –

You can still enter the membership contest. Details are on the last post. Click here to jump to it.

Entry Count: 4.

I dont know if you know but if you didnt know then you’re about to know what I know and you will know.

So what you’re gonna know is:

The Water Party Started Today!!!!

Whoo! The line about “know'”s was pretty confusing…

There are 3 FREE items.

The newspaper actually gave clues as to what the items would be.

Here are the items and their location.

Free Items - Yellow Duckie + Shell Necklace

Also the return of the Aprons at the Plaza!

Its not in a fancy pic cause I found this after I did the above pic.


Did you notice the pipes all over Club Penguin?


They are a cool feature. I love splashing the penguins lol!SPLASH!

Moving on the IceBerg and there is a hidden room!

Check out this pic!


Did I forget anything?

I didnt did I?

Wait I did.



P.S: New Stage Is Here To.

The Penguins that time forgot.


Register and post on my forums!

Its the only place that you can post yourself. Its a fun and easy website to use. Its free.

Join today.


– Waddle On Around the Water Mountain –

Mr Funguin.



1. Aggron - June 13, 2008

Nice post!
Can you visit my site sometime? I just got Custom CSS!
Tell me if you like it!

2. Belldranit - June 13, 2008

Mr Funguin, I met u there!!!!!

3. Mr Funguin © - June 13, 2008

Lol I didnt see you….

Hope you enter the contest.
If you decide to, let me know in a comment…
It has started.

4. darthpuckie - June 13, 2008

hi funguin!
i am darthpuckie.
i own a site http://www.darthpuckie.wordpress.com
Wanna meet on cp sometime have a coffee?
realy wanna meet on cp?
comment back on my site.

5. belldranit - June 13, 2008

I saw ur peng…but im not sure about entering the contest, im already a member

6. Digidave74 - June 14, 2008

This party rocks the mountain, and splashes the mountain.

Is is better than last year? Yes!

7. ...Enricom... - June 14, 2008

nice pics

8. ...Enricom... - June 15, 2008

when are u gonna have a party?

9. Digidave74 - June 16, 2008

I agree with Enicrom
You haven’t had one in ages.
But you’re a busy man though.

10. Mr Funguin © - June 17, 2008

lol Yes.
I might have one after the contest.

11. flatoe - June 17, 2008

My Funguin, I’ve been thinking.

Would you like to get together and host a huge summer party with other penguins? So far Cfai Unknown is interested. We could do it in somebody’s igloo. Comment back on my site. http://wweflatoe.wordpress.com


12. flatoe - June 17, 2008

oops Mr Funguin nopt My Funguin. lol

Mr Funguin Says: Lol ‘My’ Funguin. I’m not yours!!

13. flatoe - June 18, 2008



Well Cfai says he will for sure. Depends if you want to. I might ask a couple other people too. It would be a cool thing. Me , cfai, and maybe you, and other people could all post the invitation then there would be millions of people. Maybe toronto would join. Idk yet.

Comment back.

~Flatoe a.k.a. Strangler~

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