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No big news, but heres something… May 23, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


(Before I start, Make sure you read the whole post)
The party has been extended! Its now till Saturday! Yay!!

There is another FREE item! Most of us have it. Its the Wizard hat, found at the Lighthouse table.

Theres also a NEW pin. Its the Anvil Pin. Found at the Boiler Room.

There isnt really anything else.
There is a new newspaper, but I dont post that anymore. Hope you noticed 🙂
I mean you can go read it yourself! 😛

In reality, Me and Mrs F have been talking about her posting on the blog too!
We think its a cool Idea as it gives me some spare time to do things, and the other way round too!
Some of you might think thats weird, but We’ll see.

Yes, Mrs F is a real person. If you are registered on the forums, then you would know who she is and how I know her. So now’s the time to find out on the forum. Register on forums and search Mrs F’s posts! I wont tell you here who she is, because Its already posted on the forums.

The idea of her posting is still on the drawing board and we want your view on this.
We wanna know what you think!
I havnt changed the Thu 2 Thu poll for a while, and you can vote about Mrs F posting on that poll.
Results will be shown on Monday! (Or Later)

Wow, First longest post with only words! (I think its the longest!)

Also Visit Life Size Bites here:
And Redguy2000’s NEW Header blog here:

Keep visiting back for more news. There will be some big news about The CPCC, and you won’t wanna miss it!.

Thats All!
Take care, Bye!



1. lol27 - May 24, 2008

Mr funguin want 2 be an auther on my site if so go to cp27.wordpress.com and comment thnx

2. edlu - May 24, 2008

Keep up the awesome work,
and dont forget about my party!
More details:


3. Doobie Pengu - May 24, 2008

Grrrrrrrrrr! That Was My First Item!

4. Punty100 - May 24, 2008

Hey, Mr F, thanks. You know, you are my fave cheat site, other than mine of course 🙂 See ya!

5. jamiegirl - May 24, 2008

have you met mrs fun on cpnoyes  pollcode.com free polls

cool isnt it i made so it could help 🙂

6. jamiegirl - May 24, 2008

nvm that last comment :blushes:

7. Jisell34 (rokks) - May 24, 2008

that dancing hat just cracks me up!! =P

8. cpskater - May 25, 2008

What about the new igloo and furniture?

9. Oiler - May 25, 2008

Mr Funguin, can you please host your club on my site as well? I have put up the page, and it’s exactly the same, only i added a new sub-page.



PS: Oh yeah and can you add me to your blogroll? I added you. Thnks

10. Oiler - May 25, 2008

And i can’t add the other subpages can you do that too?

11. Mr Funguin © - May 25, 2008

Delete them all…
You’ll find out why soon.

12. Oiler - May 26, 2008


13. mrfun5anddirtshorts - May 26, 2008

Nice post Mr Fun!

Cya L8er 😎

~Mr Fun~ 😀

14. Digidave74 - May 27, 2008

I needed it, I was in Holland!
It’s gone now. 😥

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