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Medieval Party & Exciting News! May 17, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Club Penguin, Events, General Talk, Parties, PARTY TIME!.
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Today I am kinda busy preparing something. To find out what it is, head over to the forums. Link in blogroll.

But its not quite ready yet.

I can tell you that you NEED to be registered on to the forum for this & You can WIN 1 month membership and:

Just for today, Here is a post from Aguair. I dont copy posts normally, but I had to. 😳



The Club Penguin Medieval Party is out, and I got all the cheats & tips to make it the best ;) Firstly, the new item. It is a Squire Tunic.

It is located at the Dock, beside the rubber tubes.

Now, a really cool thing. If you go to the Forest, there is a whole new room! It’s the treehouse and it’s pretty cool.

As I said, it can be found by going up the stairs in the Forest.


Another cool thing. Remember the Fire at the camping party? Where you had to add logs to make it bigger? Well, it’s back at the Beacon.

Also, there is a “Magic Mirror” up in the Mountain top. Go ask it something then hover over it for your answer. Well, I know I’m not getting an Xbox tomorrow.

And that’s it!




1. straw000 - May 17, 2008

Hey! Awesome blog 😀

2. Digidave74 - May 18, 2008

F factor, You made the design from the X Factor.
Lol, cool.

Mr Funguin Says: Lol Yeah. My primary school had “The O Factor”…

3. Agent60706 & Clipi - May 18, 2008

Hey how do you make subpages

4. jamiegirl - May 19, 2008

Mr.Funguin you should know being a Non-Member is irritating right?
Well can you help me by having more contests please???!!!!!

~ u know i love cp ~


5. Jisell34 (rokks) - May 19, 2008

hey, i haven’t stopped by and said hi for a while, so HEY! wat’s up?
oh btw, nice post.!

6. majassyla - May 20, 2008

come to my party pls, i’ll wait for you guys!

when: may 20, 2008
what server: beanie
what time: 6:00 pm CPTZ
what room: DOJO
what to wear in the party: squire tunic (free at the dock)

7. pengsworld - May 21, 2008

Ofcorse no. I don’t hack, I am just offering these things to make other people feel happy on my site, and feel like having fun.
I know these things are not good enough to keep my site healthy, but I am trying my best, and I’ll make sure I won’t hack next time, LOL.

8. ...Enricom... - May 21, 2008

Its ok we wont blame u for copying posts lol

9. Adca - May 21, 2008

hi cool post hmm,,, F factor sounds interesting i cant wait lol! 😀

Mr Funguin Says: Its on, its at the forum.

10. Mr Funguin © - May 22, 2008

Anything else Lol?

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