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Newspaper Is Here!!! April 24, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Events, Newspaper, Rockhopper!.


The newspaper is out.

I suggest you should read it on your own cause I always post it Lol.

But first, Some good news to Non-Members.

At the beach, Rockhopper has docked and brought us a Pot thing and a Red & Black Shirt!!!!

Rockhopper is going to open his room as we all new he would.

BUT! He is opening it on Monday, and he is hiding the key. We have to find it.

Thats all i got time for,

Check out the PARTY Tommorow!!!!!!

– Mr Funguin.



1. cpmac - April 24, 2008

sup dude sweet pictures!!!

2. idontbreakcp - April 24, 2008

Awsome post MF,Its me idontbreak i made a new site! its http://www.idontbreakcp.wordpress.com Can you please comment?
Thanks 😉

VVaddle off!

3. Digidave74 - April 24, 2008

It’s like the red and white shirt that Chewit Dude wears.

4. Waddle3773 (Not logged in.. YET) - April 25, 2008

Hey there!

You know when you said, FIND IT for the key on Rockhopper, how do you mean FIND IT?

Do we just wait? Yeah, I think that’s what ya meant.. sorry.. Im a bit.. you know..

Yay!! 12 years old! Wow, feels… the same!

Hmm yes, well, talk to you soon! Logging on to MSN now..

Can’t wait to see whats inside the C.Q!


Mr Funguin Says: Rocky is gonna hide the key…

5. Waddle3773™ - April 25, 2008

=O sounds cool!

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