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Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


I was browsing the website to one of my favourite cris brands, and they are holding a competition. Its to make someones advertisment they make appear on tv.

So they are giving some music/backgrounds/audio to use.

I downloaded the MUSIC and found a certain music that I recognised, and I’m sure you will too.


Save to desktop (Or as conveinient)

NOTE: The speaker is NOT my voice.

After listening to the music, could it mean that:

CP re-makes their music from existing tracks?

Or do they make their music original and people re-make it?

What do ya think?

– Mr Funguin.

P.S New mission out.



1. barry759 - April 22, 2008

cool 😎

2. Mr Funguin © - April 22, 2008

lol You always say that.

3. Mr Caribou - April 22, 2008

I hate having no sound… Where’s it from?

4. queencola - April 22, 2008


5. sandystar45+jane5553 - April 23, 2008

Thats Freaky.. And now that song got onto my itunes!!! 😡

Well… ill somehow delete it…….

6. Digidave74 - April 23, 2008

Yeh, every comment you say that.
w tracks for Cp, interesting

7. mohd222 - April 23, 2008

Ur on top of google for cp cheats 🙂

8. ...Enricom... - April 23, 2008

lol man that is so weird! And yeah barry759 always says that XD

9. Mr Funguin © - April 23, 2008

Lol Yep 😛

Has anyone heard the soundtrack yet?
Have you indentified it?

Yay! I know that hits are not always important, but look, 52 thousand.

10. barry759 - April 23, 2008

is there a problem mr funguin and digidave?

Mr Funguin Says: Nope, There’s no problem. I just said that for no reason.

11. cpskater - April 23, 2008

Whats the song? Someone please tell me! Thanks 🙂

12. barry759 - April 24, 2008

do i care enricom and im glad i deleted you enricom

13. Digidave74 - April 24, 2008

Barry, don’t be hard on Enricom and Mr Funguin,
They are just saying you always say “cool :cool:”
What’s wrong?
And Barry, post on Mr Funguin’s forums!
It’s fun!

14. barry759 - April 24, 2008

ive quit the forums
i can if i want
p.s. this is my last ever comment on this site

15. NMSTER100 - April 25, 2008

it doesnt work im
leavin for eva

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