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NEW SITE LAUNCHED April 14, 2008

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The upload and what ever took long cause of the ‘Flash Bugs’.

So, there are NEW fan banners.

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

And if you CANT see that image above, there is a bug, cause I used the code they gave. The old ones are now hard to get hold of!

 Yesterday, the servers were empty! 1 smiley face was on every server! lol

Also us British Citizens can now acess this web address: www.clubpenguin.co.uk

But ofcourse other Citizens can acess that URL. I dont know if it will re-direct you to .com.

Emailing Club Penguin about the Game Cards they said that shortly they will bring them to the UK. I noticed the price has gone down I think.

This means, More Membership competitions! Lol.

Club Penguin has decided to keep most images of their site the same, along with a new theme. Flash! I think the website rocks and I love the video that they have put up.

Disney CP


There is now also a new poll on the right >>

Click more for the last post I had before it launched.



– Mr Funguin.

Too excited to talk so I will let this picture talk for me!


That picture was edited BY ME!

You can see the whole thing at www.clubpenguin.com

I will post about it when its launched!

You see on the right, theres the CP Widget?

They are not working right now, cause there will be NEW ones! Also they are doing their thing.

When its launched there will be poll about the website!

– The Excited Mr F –



1. Waddle3773 (Not logged in.. YET) - April 14, 2008


I just can’t wait for it to be launched, it’s gunna ROCK!

Nice edit!! Love the writing! Hehe!

Yeah, hopefully the new banner thingies will look better. They haven’t changed it in ages!

Well, talk to you on MSN, cya!

– Waddle3773.. not logged in.. Yet) 😉

2. Graser 8 - April 14, 2008


3. barry759 - April 14, 2008

cool :cool;

4. Digidave74 - April 14, 2008

Looks like Club Penguin has got some sense in themselves.
Finally, a new and upgraded site! Can’t Wait!

5. ~Redguy2000~ - April 14, 2008

Hey, I was wondering if you want to delete Life Size Bites, it’s really bad and nobody comes to it. If you say okay, I don’t really care.
I also made another real life blog with my friend, I don’t really want to advertise it or anything, but it is called http://lifecomesalive.com. If you don’t want me advertising just delete this comment once you read it. It’s not that I can’t keep up with life size bites, it’s that nobody comes to it any more…

6. Digidave74 - April 14, 2008

I do ocassionly.

7. Mr Funguin © - April 14, 2008

Thats awesome! But I will not delete it (Neither will RG2000) So Maybe i will continue.

8. ~Redguy2000~ - April 14, 2008

lol, RG2000
I sound like a RoBoT!

9. ~Redguy2000~ - April 14, 2008

Yayy! LOL

10. nightmare90 - April 14, 2008

Hey Mr Funguin!

I was just coming by to tell you that I will be gone for vacation between April 17th – April 28th.
You wont have to post everyday just when the updates come out. Also Swiminn6 might be posting to. Please dont let me down 😉

-Nightmare 90

11. stephanie - April 14, 2008

hi its past 3:00 and its still being uploaded because i went on it and saw the website ps it looks cool but now i cant go any more i am going to check out cpip thanks lol

12. sandystar65 - April 15, 2008

Omg that is so cool! Its even loading slow for me and i have the fastest computar network softwear avalible! *smiles big and gives mr fun a pie ~(| rem from the fourms? And it says on the fourms ” this fourm is going under a matenice. plz contact the administrator. So yeah…. ❤ heart always! Jane+Sandy

13. Mr Funguin © - April 15, 2008

Yeah, there was something that stopped it loading for me. Now its loading fine and faster.

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