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SPAM, What do get out of doing it? March 23, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in ALERT, My Stuff, Questions., What you think!.


I’m gonna say this once, and ONCE ONLY.

Through out this week, I have been marking comments as SPAM.

I have moderated about 8 out of 13 comments as spam.

And its just some people. I put their IP, in to the block list, and that did stop them.

Ice Drills had the same problem.

This is NOT a advertising blog where you advertise. I dont see a page where it says “Advertise”.  I dont let you advertise. There have been  just a few occasions where I have given you the chance to advertise.

If you wanna be blocked from commenting on my blog, then continue.

I wont put with it.

I mean, what Fun do you get from spamming on a blog?

Although its not all of you.

(P.S: Happy Easter)

– Waddle on around the mountain –
– Mr Funguin! (The easter bunny)-
(P.P.S: Come on people, register on my forums!)
(P.P.P.S: Visit my other blog!)


1. Ice - March 23, 2008

tell ’em hotshot!

2. barry759 - March 23, 2008

i dont spam coz i dont have a site! 😀 😆

3. Mr Funguin © - March 23, 2008

Lol, I know you dont. Neither does Digidave74

4. secretcpagents - March 23, 2008

How do u get the spam thing on ur site!

5. coolpengu - March 24, 2008

That is true…
but if there weren´t spamers, then, the balance would break…
I mean, we need a little bit of kaos for the world to go round. lol
Totally random… but i understand myself…. 😛

6. Waddle3773™ - March 24, 2008

Yeah, it’s really annoying. It’s just a waste of their time. Im sure I spam sometimes.. 😐

7. Digidave74 - March 24, 2008

You’re right on that Mr Funguin, lol.

8. hellowmate - March 24, 2008

aww paww funguin your going to be sadguin now LOL

waddle off….


9. DieAnotherDay - March 24, 2008

Well, technically you can’t block them from commenting… because you can’t ban ip’s on wordpress as far as I know….

Especially if you have a dynamic IP.

10. Mr Funguin © - March 24, 2008

You can.

11. flatoe - March 24, 2008

Hey Mr Funguin! You have been chosen to be a “beta” on my new blog. Comment on my site for more info.


12. DieAnotherDay - March 25, 2008

You should create a spamming/advertising post then put it on your blogroll as spam there,not here.

13. hellowmate - March 25, 2008

Mr funguin knows alot about wordpress i wouldnt question him!

waddle off…..


14. DieAnotherDay - March 25, 2008

Dynamic IP means the IP changes. So he blocks the ip, the ip changes… He has to block it again and again… So on So on.

15. DieAnotherDay - March 26, 2008

Mr Funguin,

Can I just point out there ARE somethings you have to put up with in life…. Like GCSE’s… School… Homework…. SPAM….

16. wurmple - March 26, 2008

Mr Funguin can you add me to your blogroll (sirwurmple.com)? I will add you back if you do.

17. mohd222 - March 26, 2008

Comment back

18. cpenricom - March 26, 2008

I know, ppl who spam are so stupid. i never advertise =D
Also I dont get thats much spam. Almost none.

19. Ice - March 26, 2008

@ DieAnotherDay:

after wordpress blocks the ip, they then block his street address from their ip locators so even if the person changes ip he will still be blocked since his ip was located on the address that got blocked before

20. DieAnotherDay - March 27, 2008

Techinically not,

1) WordPress DOESN’T Have street locatiors
2) From personal experience with a guy called Alpine Bear or something I know they are wrong anyway,

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