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Newspaper! March 20, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Ads, Cheats, Club Penguin, Features, Newspaper, Parties, Secrets (Shh!).


I can’t spend too long so i will quickly sum up the newspaper.

So, They have collected most parts for RH’s Ship. They are just finishing it. They have put Gary’s clip folder in the paper. I think its cool!


I cant wait. Can you?

I will post really nicely to help you find the eggs! It will be kewl!
I wonder what the item will be?
Egg’s- pect the un-eggs-pected!
Next week starts of April Fools! CP Is going topsy turvy!
They even wrote some text backwards in the ad.
‘Change The Rules’
Did you know…
You can find hidden jokes by cliking here?:
I will plan a party soon. It will be very cool, as I am doing it with another penguin! A joint party!
(P.S: I will update the poll tomorow >>)

– Waddle on around the mountain –

– Mr Funguin! –


1. Rocktroper a.k.a Flamster101 - March 20, 2008

Hey dude I love that picture (Easter Egg Hunt) nice site,and a nice post keep the good work up,as I said before that your very creative! Keep the good hits going up and up! I cant wait for tomorrow for the Easter Eggs Hunt 🙂 it will be coolio! and Mr Funguin did you know that in the mine,there was a starfish pin that cp put it out by mistake if you want to see more info about it then visit Toronto’s site!

Until then…
Waddle on!
~Rocktroper a.k.a Flamster101~ 😆

2. ~Redguy2000~ - March 20, 2008


Why didn’t you advertise our new blog on this post?

3. barry759 - March 20, 2008

cool 😎

4. Yoshi4567 - March 20, 2008


5. Digidave74 - March 21, 2008

Hey, cool post.

Here are were the eggs are:

1. In a light at the mine.
2. Near the Hydro-Hopper Boat.
3. In the pet shop in the top right.
4. In the book room on top of the bookcase.
5. In the gift shop, in the top right, a tuxedo poster.
6. The stage light on the left in the Plaza.
7. In the Lodge Attic, in the cardboard box on the left.
8. This is quite hard! It’s a ninja egg floating around in the Dojo.


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