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Catalogues! (And other stuff!) March 7, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Catalogues, Cheats, Clothing Catlogue, Club Penguin, Events, My Stuff, Rockhopper!, Wig Catalogues.

Hey Guys!

Well today, I got my membership back! Its really awesome!

It means i can do somethings i couldnt. One of these things is a party! Yup, i’m gonna have another party!!!

Okay so, the Clothing Catalogue.

Here are the new items:


Some really sad and annoying news for RARE People.

Look at this picture:

No longer Rare!

Thats good news for all those who wanna be rare!Also the Wig catalogue came it.

Its rubbish! It kinda puts CP in a bad name. Lol.

Head over to the beach and you’ll see this:





I just wanted to say that the Just Ask page is for asking questions and not general chat Lol.

I dunno if i should make a Gen’ Chat Page.

Also, check out the Story Page.

I heard someone gets lost 😦 Do they come back?


– Waddle On round the mountain!-
~Mr Funguin.


1. Mr Funguin © - March 7, 2008

Hehe, Nice Easter Bunny outfit!

2. Digidave74 - March 7, 2008

Im there, it was great fun.

3. barry759 - March 7, 2008

cool post 😎
mr funguin do you keep your items if you cancel your membership and become a member again? ❓

Mr Funguin Says: Yes you do.

4. cpmonster - March 7, 2008

Hey just wanted to tell you that I have made a brand new thing!
Its called PENGUIN MANIA comic’s!
They are very cool and we make new one’s every week so check it out!
Here is the link:

5. cpenricom - March 7, 2008

yay, party!!

6. Graser 10 - March 7, 2008

Cool! Almost 40,000 hits! Keep it up!

7. connerhco - March 7, 2008

Awesome! I come to your site everyday for the best cheats and everything! Could you add me to your blog roll?

8. Waddle3773™ - March 8, 2008

Awesome!! Membership Privilages!! Haha!

Unfortunately for me, I’m trying to “win” a membership on prizerebel.com or arcticantics.com

Never been a member, so it will definately be exciting for me if I win!

9. coolpengu - March 8, 2008

Cool post! as allways

10. Mr Funguin © - March 8, 2008

Thank -You

11. GyroHog - March 8, 2008

Hey Mr Fun!

The Fedora Hat has a wierd name! It’s the name of the operating system I use ‘Fedora’ and the operating system is made by the same people as they’re operating system!

I really think you should stop blocking links in signatures. Ok, fine block links in the message but its kind of a scandal to remove something from someones personal sig if it isnt abusive or rude.


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